Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lazy Sunday...

It is a nice and relaxing lazy Sunday here in the house of Wolf. Today is the first REAL down time I have had in a while. Jack had surgery Tuesday, which is always a harrowing experience as it takes a lot to wake him up after the fact. Two hours of surgery and 4 hours of trying to get him awake and his pain levels under control.

Things have been better this time. Again, I can not say much for legal reasons, but the healing process has been faster and with the exception of one day, his attitude after the fact has been much better than it usually is.

Today I slept in, and after a very stormy and nasty day yesterday, it is a bright, sunny, and HOT day today. It got up to 88 degrees here, and I finally had to cut the air on as it was hotter here in the house. I took a cool shower and drug my only strapless sundress out of the back of the closet, so I am nice and comfy.

We decided not to cook a big meal today, as neither of us thought adding heat to the house was a good idea, since our a/c  is trying to shake 4 months of being unused off. It took it a while to cool the house down, since we waited so long to turn it on. It finally caught up and it is a comfy 77 here inside. I am loving it. It is so nice not to be bundled up from head to toe from the time I wake until I go to bed at night. Of course, as is typical of a Florida Spring, cooler weather will be back for the next few days, even dipping down to below freezing at night, but today gave us a taste of things to come, and I am happy.

I have just been chilling out with Jack, watching the race, today. No laundry or cleaning. That will be tomorrow. I am going to start my Spring Cleaning tomorrow. Time to deep clean and do some de-cluttering. Soon I will be able to put the heavy Winter coats and clothes away, and bring my shorts and thinner t-shirts back out.

Alex spent most of this last week with my Mom, since the kids are out on Spring  Break from school, so I could concentrate on taking care of Jack. We are both ready for her to go back to school. She gets bored very easily and she misses her friends.

So today is a day of rest, before our usual schedule resumes tomorrow, and  I start getting things put back in order around here. I got a few of the Spring editions of my magazines in the mail this week and once I finish here I am going to sit down and  thumb through them. I am loving all the bright colors and plants and flowers gracing the glossy pages.

Life is simply good today.

How was your weekend?

I hope your week kicks off to a great start!

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AiringMyLaundry said...

We had a good weekend. Though it's been chilly here :/ I'm ready for some Spring temps.

Unknown said...

loving your blog, the background is so pretty. Still got snow here, not very spring like at all. Going to start some spring cleaning soon though you have stirred me into action. If you would like to visit me back I'm at, blessings, Alison xx