Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memoirs of a Crazy Witch; Wolf Totem

I am going to start with my lifelong totem, and the one I am most drawn to, The Wolf.
I first was visited by the Wolf when I was a child, about 6 or 7 years old. We lived on 17 acres of woods and swamp, and it was my playground. I was walking down by the creek one Winter afternoon, and I was standing on the bank, looking down into the water at the little fish swimming in the shallows.

All of the sudden I felt something watching me, and I looked around beside me and behind me, not seeing anything. Thinking it was my imagination I turned back around to look at the fish and just happened to look across the narrow creek to the other side….and there stood a massive dark grey wolf, staring at me with gold eyes. I froze in my tracks. I was startled, but oddly I had no fear. I sensed no danger from him. He kept eye contact with me as he came towards my side of the creek, about 15 foot downstream of me. The logical part of my brain said ” Well I am wolf dinner” but still i had no real fear. I leaned back ( still standing ) against the tree I was near, and just waited. He came to a stop about 5 feet from me and sat down. Just staring at me. I could not look away from his eyes, it was like I was hypnotized. He made a wuffle sound at me, and did a full body shake, and then he raised his front paw….like when a dog is doing a shake trick. I reached out my hand and he put his paw on my hand, wuffled again, and then took off the other way. He ran to the top of the hill, turned and looked at me for a long second, and then dissapeared over the rise of the hill.

When he was gone from sight my brain kicked in and I was shaking in my boots, and I high tailed it home. I did not tell my dad about it, for one because I was afraid he would hunt it, thinking it would hurt me if I saw it again, and two, it seemed like it was very special, and I did not want to share the feelings I was having at that time. He has walked with me ever since. I saw him twice more in the flesh, but his spirit is always with me, and always will be.

After much research, I have learned the Wolf Spirit has these traits:

    Over the span of my life, The Wolf has guided me through many trials and triumphs. Even now, as I write this passage, he is with me, guiding me, pushing me to open my mind and my heart, and share my life with the outside world.

    As I have more than one totem, I have learned that a spirit animal will only present itself to those of us that share the same spirit and traits, and you can have several through out your life. Some stay with you forever, and some only stay long enough for you to learn the lesson they which to teach you, then move on to let something else take it’s place.
    They come to us in many different ways, such as the wolf did for me.
    In my next few entries I will touch upon my other totem animals: The Dolphin, The Butterfly, and The Owl.

    I hope you enjoy them.

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