Sunday, August 09, 2009

Two Top Fives Rolled Into A Top Ten!

Top 5 reasons I dislike weekends:

1. I spend most of my waking daylight hours screaming " CLOSE THE DOOR, and stay IN or OUT!!!" at both my kids AND my husband.

2. Sweeping the kitchen floor of the sand that they track out of said door....repeatedly.

3. The fact that my house looks like a tornado swept through it for 2 and a half days.

4. Hubby hogging the bathroom!!!

5. Having to go through the house 10 times a day turning off every light in the house.

Top 5 reasons I love weekends:

1. No cook Friday's ( If I am lucky )

2. Sleeping in!!!

3. I usually do not have to cook.

4. Hubby is here...dirt and all :)

5. For two days, the most important people in my world are here..with me..right where they are supposed to be..


*Music of the Moment: It Keeps You Runnin' by The Doobie Brothers*


Blasé said...

Dislike #1... Husband is just trying to get your attention, is all

AmyK. said...

I'm with ya....why am I the only one who turns out lights?

I generally try not to cook ALL weekend...oh wait, I just made Jello for the younger one. Does boiling water count? ;-)

Unknown said...

Oh he gets my attention alright Blase lol..

Amy, he usually grill's for us on the weekends, because he is the self-proclaimed "Grill Master", and while I give him good matured grief about it, he knows I agree lol.

No, boiling water does NOT count so your good *giggles*

OMG about the lights!! I only have three pet peeves...keep the floor clean, close the freaking door, and turn off the damn lights your not using, and on weekends...ALL THREE pet peeves are just stomped allllll over lol..