Sunday, December 13, 2009

Information on Raydens Rants, please read!!!!

****Updated**** We might have fixed the problem by deleting and re-adding the Follower Gadget..before you try the steps below, please see if you see the post from Journey of a Stag Warrior entitled "New look, New Title, New Name...." and if you DO see that in your dash, then you will not need to unfollow, yay! You will also see a slew of posts from Stag Warrior, which are his old posts being published with new if you see all that, then problem is solved and nothing needs to be done on your part!!!*****

Hi everyone! I am here to pass on some information tonight. Ray, from Raydens Rants and I have been working on his page today, and we gave the page a whole new URL, a new look, a new button, a new everything, to reflect the next stage of his path...

He made a new post, but it never did show up, and when I clicked on his old posts, it gave me a blog not found error. So what I had to do, was unfollow his blog, which is now showing as "Journey of The Stag Warrior" in your dashboard....and go to his new page which is here:

And follow all over again. If you do not know how to stop following a blog, simply look under the list of blogs you follow on your dashboard, and click "manage". Once you do that, a page will come up with all the blogs you follow on it, and to the right you will see a "settings" link for each blog. Find "Journey of The Stag Warrior" and click settings, and then "stop following" on the right side of the box that pops up. Once you do that, then visit the link above to follow the revamped page.

This will solve any issues and ensure that you are still being updated of new posts from Ray, now known as The Stag Warrior.

You can also click "Journey of The Stag Warrior" button over in my blog roll on the right and be taken there.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, and we sent emails to all that follow him, but a lot of you follow me as well, so this is just making sure the word gets out.

Thanks for your time!!

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Lyon said...

Hmmm while trying to refollow his friend gadget is still picking me up as a follower even as I have removed him from my list of blogs. So - I will wait a bit and see if google can catch up with itself and I'll refollow him. ;-)

Thanks for letting us know!