Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time to clean house...

I just simply can not stand it any longer. Ever since I got hurt, my house has looked like crap. Since I got home, I have done what I could, but with 4 people living here now, there is just to much crap laying around and it is driving me insane. Not that Perth is messy, in fact he helps me clean, but we have simply been making it presentable.

I was going to do it today, but it was another wet and dreary day, my ankle was hurting, and every time any of us went out we brought back in mud and dirt, so it would have been pointless. It finally started drying out late this afternoon, and it is supposed to be clearer tomorrow as well, so today I took it easy and rested my ankle ( the rain and cold really do a number on it already ) and watched TV with Perth. Tomorrow I am going to clean and sage the house and get rid of the negative energy lingering around here. Quite a bit happened while I was hurt and it has built up in the house to the point everyone is acting odd. Jack and myself are snappy with each other, Alex is a wild animal and Perth has felt it too, so it is time for a good cleansing and sage session.

I have to call tomorrow and order a birthday cake for Alex's 7th birthday on Saturday. Mom is feeling run down right now, and with her health issues I did not want her to have to make a cake even though she makes the best ones, and I am just not a good sweets baker, so I am going to order a Hello Kitty cake. It is hard to believe that she is going to be seven already. Time is flying by it seems.

I have no clue what I am going to do for gifts yet, Perth and I will probably go shopping Thursday.

Nothing much else has gone on since I posted yesterday really. With the rain of the last two days making my leg ache, I have pretty much been taking it easy and hunkering down on the couch, resting. I got another one of those sutures that are coming out of my skin out last night so it is feeling a bit better today. I will be so glad when the 31st gets here and I no longer have to deal with that boot, not that I have been wearing it much. Only when I have to walk a long way like to the bus stop. It makes my foot hurt to wear it and the sides hit those incisions which are inflamed and I just can not stand it, it hurts to much. So I wear it when I feel I need some extra support or when I am walking a lot or cleaning or cooking and whatnot, but I do not bother with it just to walk to the bathroom which is only like 10 feet away lol. I have no pain other than the skin or if it rains ( which will happen for the rest of my life ) so I am just listening to my body at this point. I am full weight bearing so it is not like I am putting to much weight on it. For the most part I feel good, I just get tired really easy. I even took my first standing up shower ( I have been using a step stool to sit on ) the other day. That was pretty liberating. A little scary, as you have that " I hope I do not slip" fear in the back of your mind, but I still had my step stool in there just in case I needed to rest, which I did towards the end. But now I can step in and out of the tub like a normal person instead of having to sit down and swivel around which is kind of painful on my narrow tub edge.

I am improving every day, and as long as I do not over do it, I get along just fine. Having Perth here is such a huge help, I am so glad he is here, I would not be as far along in my recovery if it were not for him.

I guess that sums it up for tonight. More again tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

OH I so feel you on the whole cleansing thing. I haven't burned sage in two days and you feel it already. I will most likely clean tomorrow and burn sage as well.
I am way too tired tonight, being the Full Moon I need to do some other magic at this time.
I am glad you are on the road to recovery, I cannot wait for that boot to be removed.

Unknown said...

My partner went through a spinal fusion surgery in March so I understand what you mean when you say the changes in weather cause so much aching. The last few rainy days have had him almost completely out of commission. One thing both of us learned though is to celebrate those small victories--for him it was finally being able to bend over and pick things up off the floor. For you it is taking your first standup shower. That is fantastic. All these little signs eventually add up to let you know your body is on the right track.