Friday, February 17, 2012


Today was a relaxing day. We have been so busy and working so hard and running all over hell and creation for over a month straight. Alex has been in and out of school for two weeks, she has had a low grade fever, no other symptoms, and is fine at home, but according to school rules she had to be fever free for 24 hours to be at school. SO it has been two weeks of at school one day, off the next, back to school the next day, off the next. Insane and frustrating since she is fine at home with no fever. Maybe the school needs a new thermometer. So today she went back and Jack and I decided to just sit around and rest and do nothing.

We watched a few movies. Unleashed, with Jet Li, which was great. Four Brothers with Mark Wahlberg which was really awesome, and Paranormal Activity Three, which was frustrating and not as good as the other two. It was nice to just sit on the couch all day and do nothing. We deserved it. Tomorrow will probably find us right back at it, but it was nice to take today to just decompress.

We ran out of tile for the kitchen and laundry area, but we got the kitchen finished and a third of the laundry area. We will get another box soon. We started the bathroom tile last night, got about half of it done before we went to bed. It will not take long to finish that I do not think. Even though we are not done, the chaos of the place finally got to me last night, and after we got the tile mess cleaned up, since we were out of material, I went through the living room and the kitchen putting as much back where it belonged as I could. It looks almost normal and it calmed my nerves considerably. After the tile in the bathroom we have to get some caulk to fill in the edges as this house is crooked as hell, so there are a few small gaps near the wall which will have to be filled in. My next project will involve tearing everything out of the kitchen cabinets and make them more serviceable to me. I am short, only 5'6, and the cabinets are all high for me, so they are not very organized and efficient for my daily usage, and I intend to change that. No set plan on HOW just yet, but I intend to enlist Jack's help, as he is good with that kind of thing. I know what I WANT it to be like, so hopefully he can help me make that into a reality.

Once this damned rain clears out of here, I am taking a brass shelf I painted in an antique fashion to hang in the bathroom ( and we did, but I did not like it much after we got it in there, it was to big for the walls, as our bathroom is very small ) and painting it solid white and hanging it in our bedroom, as I have one wall with nothing on it, and that large shelf will fit in the middle nicely, and I can put some of the bric-a-brac on our dressers on it to give us more dresser surface for the things we need and want there. ( Like my 8 bottles of lotion. Ahem. ) Since Jack is limited to what he can do right now, today he did do some rearranging of the entertainment system. He moved the PS3 and split our Blu Ray and PS3 games apart from the normal movies and PS2 games so they are easier to find. We have an extensive DVD collection and trying to find something in particular can be a daunting task. One day, when I have energy, I am probably going to go in there and alphabetize them. They are organized by genre right now but that is not much help as our collection grows.

I still have trim work and touch up work to do in my bedroom, and in the bathroom, but I have to get the new tile in the bathroom first so I can see where I have to touch up. I am really loving the lavender on the walls with the glossy black trim and door and cabinet. Much better than the dirty and old chipped white they were. It is very lush looking.

A lot of what is left is now smaller projects. Once we get this damn tile finished that is. A lot of reorganization and changing things around for efficiency for the most part. We have been donating a ton of stuff to my favorite thrift store, which the proceeds from the sales go to one of my favorite local food charities. Not to mention we have bought a few great things from there.

It really feels like a different place already, and by the time we get done it will be fantastic. It is exhausting however, and really makes me appreciate days like today, when we got to do absolutely nothing.

Have a great weekend folks.

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