Saturday, October 27, 2012

I almost missed it! NaBloWriMo Day 27

I just realized that I had not made my post for today! Yikes!

It has been a busy but nice day.

I got to sleep in a little, until 9ish...although I did not go to bed until 3 this morning lol. We got up and got ready and went to the Flea Market, where I stocked up on my two favorite scents of incense; Organic Nag Champa and Egyptian Musk.

We then went to the dollar store where we got a few things and came home.

Jack grilled out burgers for dinner, and he secretly bought me a set of purple Christmas ( I call them Fairy ) lights, and hung them up outside under the gazebo tent we have. It was nice! I took them down after we ate, and hung them in my bedroom. I am loving them!

We did try to go vote, as early voting started today, but there were a ton of people, and we had Alex with us, so we decided to go Monday, when Alex is at school and most people will be at work. Hopefully there will not be such a huge wait then.

I have been working on something for someone, that took a couple of hours, but the results were much appreciated and I am glad I could do it for them.

Not much else going on, and I have no idea what is going on tomorrow. I might do some deep cleaning. Or that might happen next week, as the high for most of the week will not get above 72 and below 50 at night. *Chortles happily*

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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