Thursday, October 04, 2012

NaBloWriMo Day 4: My Big ( to me ) Announcement!

Good almost afternoon folks!  I have some big news to share with you all!

Everyone knows that I love to read, and I have mentioned the book The Drought by Lily White here a few times. I found out recently that Lily White was a pen name, and was in fact written by Winston Emerson. He has written a few other books, one of which I am currently reading ( which I will talk about in a few ) and recently I was offered the opportunity to do a writer's interview with Winston and I am going to host it here on Tales of the Wolf Queen!

I am not going to go into a huge amount of detail here about him or his books today, simply because I am saving all that great stuff for the actual interview, which will be happening within a couple of weeks. I want to finish reading the book from him that I am on now, to give me something to compare The Drought to.

The book I am reading is called A Circle in the Woods, and it is captivating. The story is excellent so far; I am about halfway finished with it, and it is very different than The Drought, the writing style is very unique. It is admittedly "experimental" according to the book blurb, and *I* will admit it is making me read a bit slower than I usually do, but the deeper into the book I get, the less the writing style affects me. The story is gripping and dark, and I love that.

The interview will be about Winston's upcoming book launch for The Object, which began as a serial novel on his website, but is now going to be published in print.

Until then, you can check out the book I am currently reading, A Circle in the Woods, for the Kindle, FREE today on Amazon! ( Also available in paperback ) This is a great chance to pick up an enthralling book, for no cost! Remember, you do not need to have an actual Kindle to take advantage of this and other great books, both paid and free. Just download the Kindle for PC app or read in the Kindle Cloud. ( After "purchasing" a book, the Thank You screen will have instructions for reading in the Cloud. )

So head on over to Amazon and pick up A Circle in the Woods today, while it is FREE, and stay tuned for a interview with the author of this and other great books!

I am SO excited!!!!!

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Yay free book! Thanks!