Tuesday, January 08, 2013

All Jacked Up!

Goood morning y'all!

I am all jacked up this morning.

I got a very special late Yule/ early birthday present from a dear friend...a Keurig Coffee Machine with a huge sample pack, plus the My K cup thing so you can use your own coffee ( because my broke ass will never be able to afford K cups lol ) and holy hell y'all, it is amazing! My place smells like a Starbucks or something now lol.

Alex and I have been up since 3 this morning. No clue why, but she could not sleep and woke up at 2:30 this morn, and I sent her back to bed but then *I* was wide ass awake, so I got up, expecting her to be asleep, but she was sitting up in bed reading. SO I said screw it, and we stayed up. She started cleaning  her room all on her own, and I fired up the Keurig. An hour later I was listening to 80's hair bands....and Jack got up at 4:30 ( he smelled coffee lol ) and then I turned on the surround sound and really got crazy, cleaning and dancing around and power chugging more coffee. Omg y'all. All jacked up. Best.Invention.Ever.

So everything is dusted, and I ran the vac, and wiped all the counters down, and made the bed, did some dishes, cleaned out my witchy cabinet in my entertainment center ( which was scary, and wanted to start an avalanche every time I opened the door lol ) and cleaned all the glass cabinet doors and table tops in the living  room. Then I finished getting Alex ready for school ( I hope she makes it through the day okay, I bet she will nap on the bus and when she gets home ) and walked her down and I am FREE and starting to crash, so I thought I would write this while I was still riding the caffeine wave down.

Bedtime will be very welcome tonight I bet lol.

I am going to probably chill for the rest of the day and enjoy some quiet time. Jack has PT shortly so I plan to sage the house and just relax. I kind of want to nap but I do not want a headache either so I don't know. I will probably just tough it out.

I am not sure if I will get to keep my net after the 17th, as there will not be funds to pay it as far as I can tell, but we shall see I guess. If anyone has an extra 128 bucks they are not using, let me know lol. ( I have a internet satellite from Hughes. One downside of living in woods is no cable or DSL lines, so we have to pay out the ass to have internet. )

So that sums it up for today. After I sage the place I am going to just relax for a while. I hope you all have a great day!

Gretchen is talking about a different kind of being "All Jacked Up," but this song has been on repeat in my brain this morning lol.

Later folks!


Vickie said...

WOOT!! A Keurig! GO BELLA!! No seriously, I honestly believe they are THE best all around invention ever. I LOVE mine!!!

Unknown said...

I know right? I am so excited!