Friday, July 31, 2009


Falling behind already....I know I know!

It has been a busy week. I have been trying to get Alex into Pre-K this year and it has required an awful lot of jumping through hoops like a circus dog. Finally got her in..well got her on a very short waiting list. Let us hope about 4 people decided to move since they got on the waiting list!!

I just found out today that I did not have to settle for the less than appealing templates for my blog that sticks us with. I found the one I am using now, and once I saw it on place my mouth dropped open and I said "Wow".

Is it not beautiful? I will change from time to time I am sure but I am saving all the ones that appeal to me.

It is Friday, and if I am lucky, I will be nomming on something pizza flavored in a couple of hours.

It is a rainy day here in Florida. Lots of thunder, making Alex and the kittens scurry for cover lol.

I still have a project to work on, and that project is cleaning Alex's room. I have been staring at 4 rolls of wallpaper to put in her room for months now and I want to get it done and maybe she will actually want to hang out more in there. Plus the paper is washable...where as the flaking plaster that is on her walls most definitely NOT.

I have a case of the Leaky Cauldron which means for the next 4 to 7 days I will be making lots of plans that involve cleaning, knowing full well I will not even attempt to do these things until about Tuesday lol..

I also need to download about 50 pics off my digi cam and work on those and upload them and send them to their various destinations on my Live Journal and friends email inboxes. Sorry, make that 62 pics..I just looked. Oy vey.

I also spent a lot of time checking out the new stuff on the Yahoo home page, since they tweaked everything. I have to say I like it so far, and joined something called "Mylogblog" ( or maybe it is Mybloglog?), which adds everything I write for the public in one place. I am still learning about it, but it looks interesting. I find myself gathering sites and blogs and writing tools around me to sit on them and keep them warm like a mother hen. More gathering and clucking to be done I am sure...

But first I will have to finish my expectant neck craning to look out of the window in front of me to see if Jack is home with aforementioned pizza flavored noms...I better get back to that, might miss something!


Music of the Moment: Flesh for Fantasy by Billy Idol. ( Who, ironically enough, has the flesh some of my fantasies are made of! )
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KrisMrsBBradley said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! And your blog is just gorgeous (as is Billy Idol, one of my all time favorite hotties).

Unknown said...

Thanks Mrs. B!
I am a HUGE 80's music fan, and I was watching PBS the other night and they had something called Soundstage on, and he was the person preforming, and it reminded me that A: Gods he is good looking, and B: that I loved his music lol.

Thanks for the comment!