Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More Awards and a rant of sorts...

For those of you who do not like or see the point in blog awards, or my opinion about them, feel free to skip this one lol...

Last night and today I got two more awards, one from Rowan and one from Mother Moon, which can be seen in my side bar. I want to thank both of these lovely ladies for bestowing me with a bit of sunshine to my mind over the last couple of gloomy and rainy days.

I guess now is the time to throw my two cents in about blog awards. Some people find them bothersome for whatever reason they have ( and they are all valid and good reasons mind you ) and let's face it, we ALL have our pet peeves, even in the blog world. Mine happens to be commercialism. Nothing wrong with it by itself, money is money honey, but as far as I go, if I have to wait 20 minutes for your page to load because of all the ads and crap on it, I am not going to linger there and really check you out like you deserve, because even as big of a multi-tasker as I am, unless your title or synopsis in my reader or dashboard REALLY caught my eye, I am not going to bog my machine down trying to load it you know?

Anyway, about the blog awards. I do not write so I can receive awards, I write to fulfill a personal need. However, because I do write in a public form, the fact that people who read me, even perfect strangers, like what they read enough to think of me for these awards is a honor. I may or may not "pass it on", but if I do, it is not because I want to annoy the person with blog clutter, it is because their blog is something that I enjoy, and it moves me or speaks to me in ways that I would like to let others know about, and let the author or authoress themselves know how much I appreciate and enjoy their work. Because even if you do not want or require the praise or acknowledgment, it still gives one a sense of satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment, even if only for a fleeting second, to know that someone out there liked what you wrote enough to give you props for it.

On one hand I guess it is a good thing that this topic has come up in so many blogs, because at least you know who not to send them to anymore right? LOL. Kidding....

Seriously though, everyone's opinion is as valid as the next persons, so its all good. I just want to let the people who have or ever will send me an award know that  I have been and will be SO grateful and appreciative and a little humbled each time....

Hell, if nothing else, this topic is sort of like a writing prompt if you look at it. Even people who do not post much has sounded off about this, some for it, some against it. Writing is gooooood.

*Music of the Moment: Novocaine For The Soul by Eels*
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Heather S-G said...

Well, you are well-deserving, indeed! I always appreciate awards, though sometimes it takes me a bit to acknowledge because I'm kinda slow & backlogged sometimes...especially when I'm busy w/ work. (So, I hope you didn't think I forgot you...I did post it yesterday...). Keep doin' whatch do best!

Anna said...

Congratulations on the well deserved awards.

I personally feel the same way and gladly follow through, pass on and display any awards I receive! I hadn't noticed much complaints about awards but I will keep my eyes peeled and ears open.

enjoy your day :-)

The Traveler said...

For me it is not so much the awards themselves, it's the format that they are being put into. I guess they just ring a little too much like chain letters for my taste, and while I appreciate any acknowledgment that someone is kind enough to give me I find it a little disturbing that these things are making the rounds so frequently that people are getting them 3 or 4 times just because they are running out of people to give them to.

Bridgett said...

I agree with you, Bella. I think some other writers have made valid points against the awards, but what's a little acknowledgement gonna hurt anybody?

I enjoy it, and like you, it's gratifying to know somebody enjoys what I write.

And the bottom line is, if you get an award and don't want to do the 'chain mail' part of it...just thank the person who gave it to you and move on. It's not like you HAVE to post it or pass it on.

I've never seen one say anything about 'bad luck' coming to me if I don't.

And finally, congratulations on your awards. :)


mel said...

Congrats on your awards!! They are well-deserved...

I used to cringe at awards -- only because they gave me horrible flashbacks to high school where only the popular kids got that sort of thing etc. etc. (insert MUCH more baggage here) -- so I decided not to like them just on principle.

Then I thought about what many of them truly meant and although there are some that are kind of lame and fluffy and pass-it-to-my-best-friends-without-thinking-what-the-award-really-means, many of them are well thought out and wonderful. And yes, it's nice to know that someone likes what you're writing...and took the time to let you know.

I also follow a No Obligations policy that means I can flaunt any *rules* that come attached and basically do whatever the hell I want with them....*grin*