Friday, October 09, 2009

Mouse Update 4..and stuff...

I am pleased to announce that the mouse has left the house!!! Unfortunately he did not survive the trip, so sorry for anyone pulling for the mouse, but YAY the damn thing is gone!

I have been very productive today. I tore my kitchen/power place ( The dining area of my kitchen is MY spot, where my computer and bookshelves and stuff are ) apart since the mouse had been wreaking havoc all over the place and deep cleaned it, swept and mopped it very well, and restrained myself from rearranging my personal space here until this weekend lol. I then started on the living room, getting rid of all the clutter and opening the room up some  ( energy flow wise ) since Jack keeps telling me he feels like the house walls are closing in on him, and I finally figured out what he meant lol.

The energy flow of the house had gone stagnant and needed to be recharged and free flowing again. Chi, if you will. Or Mana or whatever term you use. After I got done cleaning those two rooms I broke out some aromatherapy...I made an air freshener with some sandalwood and vanilla bean oil I had and sprayed it liberally all over and wow it smelled good and felt good. Jack noticed it and commented on it all the second he walked in the door from work, saying it felt much better now. I watched his grumpy attitude he has had the last week melt away over the next hour after he got home.

I made a killer pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, always good for ails ya, which added to the aromatherapy comfort of the house. We watched some TV, managed to have some "alone time" ( Thank you Snow White DVD ) and then watched Bones and Fringe on the telly and he toddled off to bed while I cleaned the kitchen and started making my mental lists for what I need to do tomorrow. Probably finish Alex's room since we worked on it this week and got it manageable. With her 5th birthday on the 15th, I know she will be getting a new bunch of stuff so I have to make room. I also need to weed through my closet in my room and toss about half it's contents. Might as well be indoors making use of the 94 degree weather out there. Stupid warm front.

I also wanted to add that I am going to go through my follower list ( 48 of you now through Google yay! ) and check out those I have not had a chance to read yet. So I want to thank everyone for following along as I wander down my path!

I guess that about sums it up for today. I have another post meandering around in my brain but it is still working itself out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

*Music of the Moment: Wizards in Winter by the Trans Siberian Orchestra*


Anonymous said...

glad to hear the mouse is dealt with and oh my GOSH I love trans siberian orchestra!

Anonymous said...

Bella...did the mousey die?
Being in the countryside we have plagues of them from time to time so I know what a pest they are!
They crawl up through our stone walls and drive us all crazy.

Your house cleansing is really sound really positive in it must be working.

I just wanted to add...that I hope you all aren't in the grumps with me because of the awards...I don't want to lose friends because of them.

I want everyone to do what they want...I know you love them!

Still friends?

Lyon said...

*has a respectful moment of silence for the mouse* lol ;-)

Mother Moon said...

although I am glad to hear that your mouse issue has been remedied.. I will admit I will miss the stories...

Unknown said...

Jupiter, I love them too!

Celia, yes it did pass away...and of course I am not upset about the awards thing. Everyone has their own opinion of them, and each one is as valid as the next, I just wanted to give my personal opinion of them. Still friends yes!

Lyon I had a brief "Awww" moment when I saw he was gone, and then I have to admit I did a little happy dance because I do not have to worry about my cords and food being gnawed into lol.

Mother Moon, I am glad you liked the stories, but rest assured, there is always something going on here, especially with animals, all my pets their personality, so there will me many more stores to come ;)

Thanks for the comments on this and all my posts everyone!

The Traveler said...

I'm glad your pest problem had resolved itself, even though the little blighter had to die. I think you may have inspired me to drive my husband nuts rearranging furniture this weekend, lol. I've been having that boxed in feel and your story reminded me that my mom used to rearrange the house "to refresh it" every 2 weeks or so(we all swore it was a good thing none of us were blind, lol). So thanks!

Rue said...

I need to do a pretty major clean's this weekend's project. The air really seems to be lighter after a good clean (and smudge!)

Glad your mousey drama is over!

Bridgett said...

Awww...poor little mouse! It was so cute, Bella! LOL

Granted, I didn't have to live with it. I still giggle thinking about those cat/mouse pictures though. :)

I really want to rearrange our living room...just not sure how. It's laid out oddly.

Have a great weekend!