Saturday, December 05, 2009

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Gently through my YARD.....

It had been a cold and wet week here in Bellaville. If it were about 9 or 10 degrees colder, it would Florida. It has not snowed here ( enough to stick to the ground ) since 1989.

Sorry I have been so has been one of those weeks. Alex driving me crazy, the rain has me feeling blah, and I just have not had much energy this week. It will pass, it always does :)

I have a to do list of projects I want to do this week. I need to apply shelf paper to the shelves Jack built us in the pantry. It already had shelves, but very impractical ones. Very narrow, and one of them was only a tiny triangular corner shelf. Held a bag of sugar and not much else lol. So my handy dandy husband made REAL shelves to go in it, and it is now a pantry on the top shelf ( I have a cabinet style pantry here in the kitchen ) and the other 3 shelves are for our pots and pans. The were made from salvaged wood so they are not the most good looking...but I have a ton of shelf liner to dress them up, I just have not had the energy to do it lol.

It is also time to break the dehydrator back out...I have been perusing the sustainable living and homesteading sites again..and it has rekindled my interest in it once more. Since Jack was diagnosed with Diverticulitis,  he has not been able to have whole nuts or seeds, which is torture for him because he LOVES trail mixes and such, as do I...but I have not eaten anything of the sort because I do not think it is fair, even though he said he does not  mind. Well *I* mind lol. But anyway, I have a TON of raw pecans and peanuts in my freezer..that have been sitting there since he was diagnosed...and then it occurred to me, I could roast them, or dehydrate them, and powder them! It is not the nuts themselves that bother him, it is the fact that normal chewing does not break them down small enough to not get caught in the pockets in his intestines. If they were powdered, then I can use them in stuff and add the flavor, without causing him excruciating pain later.

So that is on my list, as well as dehydrating a lot of garlic cloves Jack bought ands I have not used, and some onion and other stuff.

Tomorrow we are going to the store, to see about a tree and some xmas decorations, and I promised Alex we would get some glitter and construction paper and make glittery decorations to hang around. As I am on this kick of hording shiny and glittery things like a crow these days, It will be fun for me as well lol..

I need to gather up the couple of dozen books we have bought and read recently and take them to my parents, whom we book swap with.

If money permits, we are redoing the tiles on the floor in the kitchen, laundry area and that will be awesome.

We still have not gotten the first gift for the kids...we usually do a flurry of shopping the week before...we really only buy for the kids, and I grab my parents a couple of new books a piece...both my parents and us are usually I do not look forward to that part of things. I might make my parents some bread and stuff as a gift...but that won't work for the kids....I dont know, I will figure something out, we always do lol.

I guess that wraps it up for now, nothing is really going on. It has been a slow and lazy kind of week ( lazy on my part anyway lol ). It is weird, I am alone ( with Alex ) all week, but I never have the energy it seems to do the stuff I want to do until Jack is here with me. I think I am making myself look bad by doing that lol...

Oh well...long as it gets done...right?


Lyon said...

I think a lot of people are in the same boat with the holiday shopping this year. I've already told everyone that they are getting cookies from me and that's about it so don't be surprised, y'all. lol It's bad - wish I could do more but. Yeah, it's not happening.

And really - if it is truly the thought that matters - it should be enough, right?

Sorry you've been feeling the blahs this week - hopefully the sun will come out soon and you can get back to business as usual.

Anonymous said...

I'm going "green"-er for the holidays. We asked that no one send us large boxes of items for the holidays, only gift cards to the kids and nothing further. I'm also getting ready to send another mass email about not sending us Holiday cards. It's a wasteful practice, we want online e-cards and that's all we're sending out as well.

WE're only buying for the boys, and that's it. And they're only getting 1 item, predetermined item.

Rue said...

I am also nixing the buying spree this year. All my friends know that we are just exchanging cards and hugs (and maybe some cookies) and my parents, like yours, will get books, because that's what they love.

Raising a child is work, sweetie, so if all you get done is keeping you and Alex alive, clean and fed, you are doing a great job! Leave the weekend for projects like everyone else!

Magaly Guerrero said...

WoW! You have quite a bit on your plate, and you still manage to keep us updated. You must love us bunches ;)

I have not put any decorations this year. Strange, I just don't feel like it. Maybe is because I know I won't be home for Yule, who knows...

But I do understand about lists, I'm battling with one of my own right now.

Bridgett said...

I wish we could afford to go to the Gator Bowl. That would give us an opportunity to meet and give each other hugs!

I've been beyond lazy this week too.

The kids have been pretty good...but I'm just sort of blah.

We have no money for presents either. It's weighing heavy. I've purchased a few things...but compared to last year, this is going to be a skimpy Xmas for the kids.