Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Stag Warrior Speaks!

Hello again guys and gals!

I am back this evening to spread bloggy love, and tonight I am letting you all know about  The StagWarrior's new blog, The Stag Warrior Speaks.

A lot of you follow his main blog, Journey of The StagWarrior, which is now a storyline chronicle of his life on his path as a pagan man, but there was so much he wanted to talk about that he felt did not fit with the theme of the blog, so he made a new blog which will be filled with everyday life and random thoughts and musings.

So please, check him out and show him some love! It is going to be so awesome!

The Stag Warrior Speaks

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Bridgett said...

Thanks, Bella. I'll check him out. :)