Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Spring Thaw...

Well it turns out that we might not freeze to death after all! Over the next few days, the temps will creep back up into the low to mid 70's, and I, for one, can not WAIT!

At least the days have been sunny, and unfortunately the warmer temps comes with the rain, but I will take warm rain over freezing ice any day!

As it usually happens this time of year, our thoughts have turned toward the planting of our garden. We have planted the last two years, and while some things do okay, nothing does great, and some things do nothing at all. The soil here is very tired it seems, and is just not up to the task of sustaining us. So this year we are taking a different approach. We will be building large boxes filled with mushroom compost to plant in this year, and hope that does the trick. We already have our seeds, but the ground is not warm enough to plant, and the cold temps are not gone, as it has been below freezing every night this past week. Bleh. So it will still take 3 weeks or more for the weather to hopefully stay warm enough to cradle our seeds in the environment they need to thrive.

I can definitely feel the turning of the wheel this year, as the Earth swings back into the time of the sun. For the first time in a long time, I will welcome it with outstretched arms.


Coach Z said...

Amend, Amend and I am not turning christain. If you amend your soil, it will help to awaken it. Call your nurserys and see who tests soil or who knows your soil and can help you discover what to amend with.

Are we not blog button exchange partners?

Blessings Bella

Moonwolf said...

I have given you an award, you beautiful blogger, you! Check it out at

Bridgett said...

I wish you much gardening success this year!