Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Random Before The Serious...

Good afternoon guys and gals. Yes, I am still alive, I have just been busy doing and thinking about other things, but I HAVE been mentally blogging lol. I really need to find some dictation software, half my blog posts form while I lay in bed trying to sleep at night lol.

I have been busy, and I have been relaxing, and everything in between for the last couple of weeks. The weather has been beautiful and we have been getting things outside ready for planting, and in fact I already have some of my herb seeds in the ground. Lemon Balm, Lavender, Garden and White Sage, Mallow, Basil, and chive, just to name a few.

We have also been talking about repainting the inside of the house, it really needs it, and we got the paint already, now it is just a matter of cleaning any dust off the walls and painting it. You would think this would be easy for me, I am, after all, a daughter of a paint contractor. My whole life I have watched and been involved in painting with my Dad, since I was old enough to understand "DON'T touch the wet walls!" Lol.

My soul sister moved to Canada today, to begin her new life with her new love, and now that I know she is there safe, it was my cue to fall apart. I am so happy for her, she deserves this, but I would be lying if I said I would not miss her terribly, as her living in another country will complicate us seeing each other even farther.  It is okay though, I know she will be very happy, and if she is happy, I am happy, so it all works out lol.

Other than that, I have been watching movies and cleaning and reading and just living life!

I have a couple of serious blog posts to get to soon, hopefully one of them today, and I have some things I want to do on my writing blog, plus I need to make a button and all that good stuff.

While I have been "away" from blogging, I have been given three awards, and I want to take the time now and say thank you. I received the "Beautiful Commenter" Award from Ryan, over at Old Man Sutton. However I am not sure I am deserving of that one, because I have been so lax in my commenting on anyone's stuff...I read it, but by the time I read it, someone else has already said wonderful things and I hate to be repetitive if I can help it lol. Even when it comes to commenting! But still, I am very thankful Ryan!

The second is the Beautiful Blogger Award, and that came from Moonwolf over at Howling at the Moon. Thank you so much Moonwolf, and about my sigs, it is just a little Photoshop editing lol...

Last, but certainly not least, I was honored to receive the Black Hatter Award from Cattra over at Celtic Black Hat Society. This was a very pleasant surprise, and I have long wanted to be a member of The Black Hat Society, which Cattra is affiliated with, so this is the next best thing, and was totally out of the blue! Thank you so much Cattra!

Please forgive me for taking so long to thank you three for these!

I think that about sums it up for now, I have to get my dinner started and some laundry in the dryer! Be on the look out for my next post, as it will ACTUALLY be about something Witchy! *Gasps in shock!*

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


Ryan Sutton said...

You're welcome, and it's good to see you back =)

Bridgett said...

Oooh...your herb garden sounds amazing.

I can't wait to have a yard so I can actually plant a garden.

Congrats on your awards!