Monday, August 02, 2010

I am NOT a morning person.....

The countdown has begun. Alex will start kindergarten in 10 days! I am so excited, and so terrified lol. I have been making a half-assed attempt at switching our sleeping schedules around for the last couple of weeks, with limited success, but I have to bring out the big guns this week. 

I went to bed at the unheard of time of 11 PM last night ( normally this is when I am just getting started good! ) with the aid of some Melatonin, but it takes me a while to fall asleep, especially when I have a to do list a mile long for the next day, and Alex came and woke me at 12:30 and 1:30 this morning so I had a hard time falling back asleep. For some reason the Melatonin made me twitchy, which has never happened before, so I sort of tossed and turned until 5AM when the alarm went off for Jack to wake up. He was going to wake me at 6AM when he left, but at 5:30 I could not stand it anymore and got up. Then I remembered WHY I asked him to wake me as he left and not before.

Jack is a total morning person. He has been getting up at 4:30 AM for 6 years. He is used to it, he likes it, blah blah. Me on the other hand, I am a total night person. It was weird getting OUT of bed when I am normally just getting IN bed for the day. I come out here and as usual he is all chipper and jabbering away like a chipmunk on acid, and I am sitting here trying to get some caffeine in the form of a soda in my veins, rubbing my eyes, and then my head, trying to figure out how to nicely tell him to SHUT UP I was not awake yet lol. Then he keeps offering to make me a cup of coffee, which he KNOWS I can not drink right when I wake, because I will hurl...but apparently he was trying to be nice. I was nice as I could be while my brain was only functioning at 25% know, just enough to breathe and move and stuff. 45 minutes later I pointedly looked at the clock and said " Shouldn't you be gone by now?" Which was my nice way of saying " Will you go the fuck away and shut up now please?" He looked at the clock and gave me a wounded look. " You don't like having a conversation with me?"

I thought to myself: "Conversation? Is that what he mistook my grunts as?"
Aloud: " Sure hon, but I would hate for you to be late on a Monday, you know how Ron ( his boss ) is on Monday mornings!"

Jack: *Sighs* " Yeah, your right. Okay then, I will call you later and check on you."
Me, thinking to myself: "Call me? Like on the phone? *Eyes the phone warily, as one might look at a strange dog they are not sure will bite or not* " I hate talking on the phone."

Aloud: " Yeah well, if your busy don't worry about it, I will have the computer on and will be busy myself. I know how Monday's are for you."
Jack: " Oh that is ok, I will make time."
Me: *Mentally facepalms myself*

Aloud: " Okay hon."
Jack: *Comes over to kiss me goodbye and sails out the door*
Me thinking to myself: "FINALLY some quiet time alone to wake up and get my brain going" *Turns on computer* ( Did I mention I am not a morning person?)

*Sits back up from turning PC on and grabs my drink to take a sip*

"HI MAMA!!!"



The Computer Connoisseur said...

I totally agree on not being a morning person, which is why I find my third shift job so appealing, it fits my biology perfectly lol. Glad to hear your morning went well, but just remember, before long you'll be wishing for more of that noise, as the silence will be deafening. ;)

greekwitch said...

Oh i feel you. Morning persons can not understand how we feel. They are too happy, to realise how grumpy we actually are...

J said...

Oh dear, totally know where you are coming from as I am not a morning person either plus also have the joy of littleun starting reception school soon.

BB Jen

ps just noticed you have changed your button so have added the new one to my list

pps, word verification of the day: Douches, lol guess it knows how were are feeling!

Dina said...

thanks for the follow, i am not a morning or night person, just a sleep my son starts wednesday and we have to get into the routine!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm the perky morning person who inspires all kinds of nasty looks around the office. I wake up singing and dancing--no joke! My Piano Man on the other hand... well, he hits snooze half a dozen times. He looks at me like I'm some strange thing someone has to shoot, or at least help understand that mornings are for sleeping. Then he drags himself to the bathroom. He doesn't actually wake up until he has had his coffee, breakfast and about half an hour of public radio.