Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Girl...and a tragic situation...

Well my baby girl Alex is officially a school girl now! She started Kindergarten on the 12th and she is loving it so far! She has already made little friends and there is some little girl that rides the bus with her that hangs out the window when she gets off the bus yelling and waving " Bye Alex, see you tomorrow!" at the top of her lungs. It is so cute! Jack took off work for her first day, and he was a wreck! He cried all the way to her school after she got on the bus, and all the way home, and spent all day watching the clock lol. I was perfectly fine, which was unexpected!

The sleep schedule has been pretty easy to change, as I knew it would, now that school actually has started. She plays so hard and we get up so early she has NO problems going to bed, and last night was the first night she even mentioned not wanting to go to bed yet, but 10 minutes after she laid down she was out cold lol. I had some trouble the first couple of nights getting to sleep, but my body seems to have started getting used to it as well. I actually go to bed between 9 and 10 most nights, and I am up between 5 and 6 the next morning. I m still adjusting to being alone most of the day. I enjoy it but it is kind of lonely at the same time. I cleaned out my fridge the other day, and yesterday I cleaned Alex's room. I am not sure what I want to do next. Maybe paint the wall of the kitchen I have not done yet, plus, once I get a longer phone cord I am going to move my desk.

One thing I have enjoyed is day time TV...or "adult TV" as I call it lol. I get to watch the morning news shows like Good Morning America, and I guiltily admit I have gotten in the habit of watching Regis and Kelly and The Doctors lol. The rest of the day it is pretty much just background noise, or I will put on a CD or listen to the radio. I like the time to do what I want however, so it is all good :)

On the sad side, my 18 year old cousin's best friend, Malorie, was in a horrible car accident in while driving my parent's Suburban on Sunday. I do not know if I have given any background on those two, but my Mom's brother's oldest daughter Shelby and her best friend Malorie, also 18, have been living with my parents this summer, waiting for their college apartment to become available for them to live in when they start FSU in the Fall. These are two of the sweetest and funniest girls you will ever meet, and I love them both even though I have not gotten to spend a lot of time with them. They are just so likable and give off great vibes, everyone loves them. Well both girls are from the Ft Myer's area in Florida, South of us, and Malorie was driving my parent's vehicle down south to get the last of her and Shelby's clothes and groceries and all kinds of stuff since they were supposed to move into their apartment on the 21st. Mal was gone for not quite a week, and she was driving back up here on Sunday, and was a couple of hours away when the tread separated from the back right tire. It had been raining, and Mal steered the Suburban to the median on I-10, and when the front tires hit the soft wet mud on the median ( it has been raining daily like crazy here for a couple of weeks due to a tropical depression that refused to leave the area ) and ended up digging into the mud and it spun the vehicle around, and then it rolled it several times. They had to cut her out, she was trapped in the vehicle. She tore almost every tendon in her neck from what I understand, and had to have a lot of stitches in her leg and foot. The doctors were stunned that she was alive, and not paralyzed, and said that she must have a purpose because a fraction of an inch either way her neck would have been broken, leaving her paralyzed at best, or dead. I have a link with pictures of the vehicle at the scene of the accident HERE. Mal  had some sort of surgery at 9:30 this morning, In Gainesville,  at Shand's Hospital, which is where they took her after the hospital here could not do what needed to be done for her.

She will have to be in something called a Halo for 4 months, which is some sort of neck brace and had to be anchored through bolts drilled into her skull. I just heard that she has some disc out of place, and the surgery she is having could or will ( not sure ) cause her to lose 50 percent of her upper body movement for the rest of her life. Things are very serious, but she is fighting hard. She is only 18 years old, and was just starting her life. As a result my cousin has pulled herself and Mal out of school, gave up the apartment, and she is staying with Mal until she is recovered or whatever happens next. If any of you would be so kind to send prayers and healing for Malorie, and calmness and strength to my cousin, who will not leave her side, we would all appreciate it so much. These are special girls and my heart is breaking for what is happening.

I am going to post a picture of Mal, and  hope if my cousin sees this she will not be upset, but they can use all the help we can give them, and I know a lot of us work better when we have something or someone to visualize. This is a pic taken Monday or Tuesday of Mal in the hospital. The doctors said this type of injury was 99% fatal, and the fact she was alive, and that her reflexes were so good, was a miracle.

She is strong, and is fighting to survive and recover, so any thoughts and healing anyone can send would be wonderful. My cousin has said that she will not return to school until she knows Mal is okay and will hopefully go with her, so for many reasons I hope Mal makes a wonderful recovery. Most of my waking hours are spent thinking about these girls and hoping everything goes well.

You entire life can change in the span of a heartbeat, so be sure that you let the people you love know how you feel. You never know what tomorrow might bring.

Stay safe everyone.

*Update* I just spoke to my Mom, and the Halo is not doing what it is supposed to do, so they are putting in a rod and fusing everything, so she *will* lose half of her upper body mobility. She also has a blood clot in her chin they are having to remove, it is some how affecting her breathing. Shelby and her parents, my Aunt and Uncle, are on the way to my parent's house now to get the girls stuff to take back to Ft. Myers. The girls will hopefully get to start school in the Spring. Mal is still in surgery so please keep her in your prayers!*


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear about Malorie. Poor girl. She seems like a strong girl, I hope she can pull through all of this. My thoughts are with her and your cousin, today.

Nydia said...

I'm so sorry about your friend, Bella... I'm speechless abou ti, can only pray that she keeps the strenght and heal. Poor girl. One positive thing is that she's fighting, thank the gods and has supportive friends by her side. Sending love and good vibes her way.

On the lighter note, how sweet and beautiful is Alex! First days at school usually are hard and she's doing so fine! :o) Hope you guys get ued to it too as well as she did, hehe!

Kisses from us.