Sunday, September 05, 2010

Not much of anything.

That is what I have been doing folks. Not much of anything. It has been great.

Alex has been in school for just shy of a month, and she loves it. She is doing very well and I am excited to see her first report card sometime this month. While I am still not a morning person, the getting up at 5 A.M. has not been that big of a deal, once I got used to it. I have started sleeping until almost 6 however, since that is when Jack leaves, as I simply can not tolerate his happy happy joy joy self in the mornings lol. The only down side to her being in school, even though it is one I totally expected, is that she brought home a cold almost immediately, and it mutated into a super virus in me. She and I have lived cut off from 98% of the population at large for three years, venturing out to my parents every so often or a rare trip to the store or out to eat ( Jack usually picks up groceries on his way home from work so I seldom leave the house ) so I knew the first cold would be brutal. She got over it fairly quickly, other than the sniffles, but I have had flu like symptoms for a couple of weeks now. Luckily, she IS at school so I can rest and not have to worry about taking care of anyone but me during the day, and I love that.

I have even gotten into morning TV, sorta. I watch Good Morning America and Regis and Kelly and The Doctors and The View every day ( altho everything past Good Morning America is really just background noise lol ) and then I either put a movie on, turn on the radio, or turn it to the Create channel and listen to cooking shows. I clean a little, read a little, eat a little, and play around on Facebook and read blogs and chat with my friends. I have projects I want to do, but I have been taking time to just decompress from 3 years of Alex care, 24/7. I have been cooking some fantastic meals for dinner. One day last week, the oppressive rain and humidity took a break and it was cool one morning, and I even went for a 2 mile walk. Once the cooler weather is here to stay, and I am not so sick, I intend to make it a morning ritual. Put her on the bus and take a walk.

My son turned 12 on the 26th of August, and we had a little party on the 28th at my Mom's, which was nice. Mike had a friend over, and Mom made a wonderful cake. ( Her cakes are the BEST! ) We stayed from 10 A.M. till 8 P.M. and it was a great day full of laughter and good conversation and good food.

Malorie is out of the hospital, and is in physical therapy, and doing great. They should be back up here in October, and are going to take classes at a local college up here and start FSU in the Summer, for which both Mal and my cousin Shelby have scholarships. My cousin is going to be a Dermatologist and I think Mal wants to be an OB/GYN, if I remember correctly.

It is Labor Day weekend, and Jack took a 4 day weekend. He has two weeks of vacation built up, but he is the type to take a day here and there, especially during hunting season and income tax time, as opposed to taking it all at once. So he has Monday off anyway and took Tuesday off so we could have a day alone once Alex goes back to school. She is NOT happy about not getting to go to school tomorrow! She informed me this morning that she "did not like this bacation ( vacation ) stuff" lol. She still has no concept of the fact she will be in school for the next 12 years, minimum, so she still has it in the back of her mind that one day we will say she can not go anymore. I may or may not exploit that way of thinking with the occasional " If you do not clean your room you can not go to school tomorrow!" statement lol. Hey, she has never kept her room so clean , leave me alone lol...

Over the next couple of weeks I intend to do a complete overhaul on my blog, now that I am getting over the new and blissful feeling of having 8 hours a day to do nothing at all. New layout, new widgets, new content hopefully. I hope to have new pictures to post in the coming weeks, as I can feel the breath of Fall in the air, and I will be spending more time outside when it finally gets here. I can not wait to be able to open my house up and air it out! I also have more indoor painting to do, and some more weeding out of stuff in the house.

As it stands, I will not be able ( or really even have to ) go back to work until the first of the year. My truck has a flat tire, an invalid tag and no insurance, so other than on weekends when Jack is home, I am parked for a while, until income tax time gets here. I hardly ever go anywhere anyways, so it just makes sense to let my truck go until income tax time, and just keep his valid and insured, since his costs next to nothing to insure. Plus, if some things keep going in the direction they have been, I will not NEED to go to work, since all I was going to work for is grocery money. Plus with Alex's school schedule, and no one but me to get her on and off the bus, any job I had would have to be some pretty odd hours. It is hard enough to get a normal hour job around here with the economy, so finding one with the hours I needed would be next to impossible. So if all goes well, that will no longer be something we have to worry about.

I guess that about sums it up for now. I have wanted to blog but at the same time my brain just wanted some time off, and my body too since I have been sick, so I have been listening to it and doing what I felt needed to be done..which was nothing lol. It has been great, but I think I am about over that stage and ready to get some stuff done I have been putting off for the last three years. So let us move on to the next phase shall we?

Have a great holiday everyone!

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