Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WTFE Wednesday

It is official. My baby girl is now a first grader! Today was the last day of school and I am partly terrified and partly relieved since now I do not have to get up at the ass crack of dawn anymore. She aced her final report card. She was on A-B Honor roll the whole year. So proud of her!

My eldest daughter starts HIGH SCHOOL in the fall. I feel pretty ancient....

It has been a weird day. Vix is taking care of our neighbors cats while they are on a vacation, and it is possible one of her dogs killed one of the other neighbor's chickens. We did not see it happen, but when we got there the yard was clear, and when we came out, there was a dead chicken in the yard.Vix is devastated, and her day kind of went downhill from there.

Jack stayed home today, and he washed the roof and sides of the house to get the mildew off. Looks much better. He cleaned the yard up too. He has a three day weekend for the holiday, so I am looking forward to that!

We have harvested two batches of squash and zucchini from the garden, and one batch of green beans. I can not wait to make them for dinner tonight!

I got a wild hair up my ass today and tore apart half the house and did some deep cleaning and dusting and rearranging. Done for the day but I see more of this in my future. It is time to tackle Alex's room again too.

Jack is napping and Alex is across the street swimming.  I want to go play my game but I need to get dinner started first.

Soon as I finish stuffing these Fritos in my mouth before I pass out from hunger. I have been so busy I did not take time to eat!

Have a great week everyone!

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The Computer Connoisseur said...

I'm proud of you for what you've accomplished today, and I'm sure when you're done with all the stuff you want to get done you'll be even more proud yourself. I hope this is the beginning of a great summer for you!