Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Joy of a broken ankle

There is none. Let me tell you that right flippin' now.

You all know what happened. Tried to crawl up on a step-less porch via bucket, flip flip caught on edge, I fell backwards and landed with all my weight on my right ankle, breaking it in three places and had to have surgery resulting in a metal plate and several screws.

It has been 17 days now since it happened and it feels like years. I have had to stay at my parent's house during the week because I can not take care of getting Alex on and off the bus, and until recently, I could not take care of myself either. I am so glad my mom took us in and let us stay and take care of things, but I am not overly happy there. The upside is I am with my family and my other kids, that is amazing. The downsides are I am away from Jack 5 nights a week, I am away from my home and pets, and because I thrash around and move a lot I was keeping my mom up at night, who needs her rest, so I have to sleep in the recliner. Oh and it is hot. I am used to 73 degrees at night and 76 during the day. They keep their place at like 77 all the time and that is hard for me on a normal day, but when you are on mega doses of heavy duty pain killers which make me sweat just from standing up from a sitting position, it is a special form of torture. I can't turn the air down there because it makes their utility bill go up, which I understand, but I am still miserable. Not to mention the recliner is like a warm body cocoon which just adds to it. Also, it is the only comfy chair in the house, the only other living room chair is a glider which is okay for maybe an hour. The recliner is my Dad's chair, and as it is directly in front of the TV, when he wakes up it means I have to move. So I jump from bedroom to bedroom during the day trying to get some cool air and sleep and be able to stretch out. Again, I am grateful that they are moving their world around to help me, but it is still not the best of situations, for any of us.

It is also awful because I am the person who cooks and cleans and takes care of everyone, and I hate not being able to do anything for myself. I can not even get a drink alone as with crutches there is no way to carry it. At least at Mom's I do have the wheel chair so I can carry stuff. Also, people are so used to me doing stuff on my own, people seem to forget I need help, or give me attitude when they do help. Jack has taken excellent care of me, and I love him for it, but he does not do it happily. Granted he is exhausted having to work full time and then come see us in the evenings and then having to take care of the house, but it is not like I enjoy being trapped on the couch or the bed, and making me feel like the biggest burden in the world is not helping matters. I try not to get upset though, I know that no one means any harm or does not want to take care of me, it is just hard having to depend on other people when they rather be doing anything but having to deal with my crap.

I got my staples out and a hard cast put on last Wednesday, which was very painful. It felt much better after the fact though. Then I had to be dumb and I got my cast damp in the shower Monday night, so I had to go have a new one put on yesterday. Well since I get a walking boot put on the 26th of this month, they decided to put my foot in a flat on the floor position inside the cast, stretching my tendons and ligaments to get them ready for walking in a few weeks but damn it hurts! I had finally got the pain managed, and was even weaning myself off so many pain pills, when they go and do this and I spent half the night crying in pain while I tried to sleep. My whole leg is sore. On the bright side I got to rub and lightly scratch my leg and foot for about 15 minutes yesterday before they put the new cast on, and it felt so good. The foot looks much better, it was not a fraction as swollen as it was last week, and other than the two wicked scars that are forming and the fact that the foot is all shades of black and blue and yellow from bruising, it looked like a normal foot. I am unable to move my pinky toe however. This might change and it might not. There was a lot of damage in there.

So this has not been easy by far, and I will be very glad when it is over and done with. I hope I never have to repeat the experience, I will tell you that.

I still have to keep my foot elevated most of the time, so I have not been able to sit at a desk to blog. I have a tablet pc ( like an iPad but it is an Acer ) that I am using to stay as connected as possible, but it is hard to type anything of length on it like a blog post. So I had to print some documents out this morning and decided I would write since I was here lol.

That about sums it up for now. This post was more of a vent than an update but I needed to get it out of me so I could let it go and hopefully things will get better as I heal. Any healing anyone wants to send is very appreciated!

I am still reading everyone's blogs, I am just not commenting much right now due to being on the tablet instead of a normal PC.

I hope everyone is well and I will be back as I can!

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Anonymous said...

Bleh. I sure hope that heals well and fast. I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. You're in my thoughts, here, Bella. Just take care of yourself. <3