Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Help, being tired, and other stuff.

I just can not seem to find much energy these days. I do not know if my body is going through another healing spurt, if I am being drained by people, either on purpose or accidentally, or if I am just getting old or what lol. All I know is that I am perpetually exhausted and I am not even doing much these days. It has been cold and rainy, and now just cold, and that makes my ankle ache like crazy so maybe I am just expending all my energy dealing with that constant ache. I am still loving the cold snap we are having. It will not last long, back up to 80 next week but it is a taste of what is right around the corner.

I am making a big pot of chicken and dumplings tonight, one of my favorite Winter foods. I am excited. I made blueberry cheesecake muffins (although I did them in a skillet instead of a muffin pan lol ) for Perth and I for breakfast but he is still asleep. So I ate my half covered in warm butter. Yummmm.

Back to the tired thing. I guess I need to start taking my vitamins again. I mean, by 8 at night I am wishing I could be asleep already, which is crazy. I have two loads of clothes to fold and two to wash and at this point I rather burn them than to look at them lol. I need to sweep and mop but I do not see that happening today either. I did run the vac yesterday so there is that at least lol.

After meeting with Alex's teacher Tuesday I found out she is having trouble taking tests. Her homework and weekly work are great, but then she bombs on the test and it drags her grades down. Luckily her teacher is wonderful and gave me some pointers of things I can do with her here at home to hopefully make her more sure of her answers and make her more confident at test taking time. I have also gotten a lot of information and help from my friends about websites and things to ask her teacher, and I am very grateful for that! I also found out one of her textbooks, the reading and vocabulary one, is on the school's website in its entirety, so I can help her in real time when she gets home, using the exact lesson the teacher is using. She also told me she is bringing in a special teacher's assistant for the rest of the school year, to help the class with reading and math, since apparently Alex is not alone in her struggles. I have been working with her for quite some time every night on her homework and it is mentally exhausting...especially since she tends to get upset if she has difficulty and if there is one thing I hate, it is to see her cry, especially over things I can not just "fix" for her. I have to help her do this on her own. Her teacher said Alex is a joy, and she said she could tell I was a good Mom, because Alex was so loving and kind and helpful and happy and well balanced, and I found myself choking back unexpected tears to hear her tell me that. It made me feel so good. She said Alex was a hard worker, and very smart ( her other grades are fine ), she just needed a bit of help in the math and reading comprehension department. Jack and I, hell, my whole family, loves to read so I know that with some extra effort on our part we can instill a love of reading in her too. Well, I should mention she loves to read already, she is just having issues with the concept of stories and their purpose and what the author was trying to convey and whatnot. Considering the kids reading material, *I* have issues trying to figure out what in the hell the author was trying to convey with that nonsense lol. So it will involve some extra work on my part but if it will help her then I will do whatever it takes.

In between homework and sleeping, I have been reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It is about life in Jackson, Mississippi between rich white folks and their black domestic help in the 60's. It was a wonderful book, very poignant. Full of emotions, I laughed, cried and cheered to myself throughout the book. I am not quite old enough to have experienced all that first hand ( nor have I ever been financially rich enough to have hired help lol ) but living in the South, it is a part of Southern Culture so it was like reading something a friend wrote. I have been power reading it, telling myself it was because my Mom loaned it to me and had about 20 people waiting to read it after me, but the truth is, I hated to put it down. It was that good. I finished it yesterday and I can not recommend it highly enough. I know there is no way the movie can hold a candle to the book, but I really want to see it. I will do a full review later and add it to the book review page on the blog. Now that I am finished with it, I am about to begin Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert. Perth and I were in the library Tuesday and I bumped into a shelf and the book all but flew off the shelf at me. So apparently I was meant to read this book lol..What are you gals and guys reading these days? I am always on the hunt for a good book!

Not much else going on here. I do not have the energy to do much else lol. I am looking forward to Sunday when we do the Breast Cancer walk. Then next exciting thing is the 31st when I go find out if I can officially stop wearing my boot. I only wear it outside now, I am healing much faster by not wearing it inside. My skin, where those sutures were being rejected and working their way out of my body was agony with the boot on, and since I stopped wearing it inside, my incisions are healing with lightning speed compared to how it was trapped inside that sweaty boot all day and night.

So that sums it up for today. I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


Judy said...

If you are tired all the time and only in your 30's, you should look at your's probably something the book on eating right for your blood type or watch the video forks over knives...maybe you can get some insight from those...

Faery Chaos said...

My son has some of the same issues as your daughter. Reading comprehension has always been low, and have had 2 teachers think he was ADHD (which he is not). Long story short, took him to Sylvan for testing and they said his comprehension was HIGH but that his vocabulary was low, thus since he had no idea what the words meant, he didn't test well or was not able to tell you what the store was about.

What we do now, is we make him say his spelling words out loud (because he does NOT pronounce them right) and help him understand what they mean. We are tyring to get him to underline the words in his books (pencil) that he doesn't know. He loves reading and being read too (those are stories he can tell you what happens easily!) but we got him into that from reading those Diaper Baby books and then Manga.

As for being tired, it could also be a combination of things. From the weather, vitamins, healing and what foods you are eating.

I hope you heal soon (and no more boot!) and that your grrl gets things into a better groove :)