Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bella Cooks: Crab stuffed Mushrooms

Let me start off by saying this is not a watch-your-weight friendly recipe. It is more in the realm of "Holy Mother of God, this is going right to my ass" territory. It is totally worth it though.

Also, I did not take pics of the whole process. One, I always forget until I get started, and two, it is impossible to stuff mushrooms and take pics at the same time. It is messy. I will be more mindful of recipes in the future and try to remember to take more pics.

The filling is an adapted recipe for my Mom's Hot Crab Dip, and the mushrooms and red peppers I got from our local farmer's market.


Enough medium to large mushroom for the amount of people you are serving.
( I had 12 medium mushrooms and it fed 3 people )

1 large red bell pepper, finely chopped

1 cup of mayo. ( We use Dukes. If you have it in your area, get it. Blows generics and Kraft and Hellman's out of the water! )

8 oz sour cream

10 oz sharp cheddar cheese, white or yellow ( I cut this amount in half and it was still fine )

Fresh or Imitation crab ( Around 10 ounces is what I used, but you could add more or less to your taste. If using imitation crab, chop the crab finely. )

Spices to taste. ( I used onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper and dill weed )

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

To prepare mushrooms:

Wash or wipe mushrooms to remove dirt. Remove stems from caps. ( This can be hard in older and larger mushrooms, as the stem is very tough and woody. I made a small cut in the sides of the stem, close to the cap as possible, and popped them out, scraping the remaining stem out with my finger. ) Discard stems, as they will be tough.

Line baking sheet with foil for easy cleanup. Place caps on pan. ( I sprayed my foil with non-stick spray, but because of the oils in the cheese and mayo, I found out this was not needed )

To prepare filling:

Mix mayo, sour cream, cheese, bell peppers, crab, and spices together in a large bowl. ( If you have a microwave, I recommend popping the mix in there for 45 seconds to knock the chill off, making it easier to mix together. )

Spoon prepared filling into mushroom caps. ( I overstuffed mine, which just melted down the sides into the pan, so try not to get to much excess in there. )

Return filled caps to baking sheet, garnish with more dill if desired, and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes or so, until the mixture is nice and bubbly.

These would make great party appetizers, but we had them as an entree, served with fresh corn on the cob, cut off the cob, and English peas. Personally I could make a meal off of the mushrooms and some crusty garlic bread. So very good!

Filled shrooms ready to go in the oven

Close up, pre-cooked

My favorite pic of the bunch, pre-cooked

Cooked shrooms. The shrooms were to full, but tasted so good!

Last pic, close up of cooked mushrooms!

This was the first time I have ever made stuffed mushrooms, but it will not be the last, I can promise you that!


Cupp Kinch said...

That looks amazing! You will have to make them for us sometime :)

TantraWave said...

Very nice!!

Nadine said...

Wow those look great. Makes me wish I liked mushrooms. I keep trying them and every time I hate myself for it lol.