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Free Book Friday 7/5/13

Good Friday Morning everyone!

I hope you had a great 4th! Ours was a very small affair but we still had a little fun in spite of the non-stop rain we have had in the last 2 and a half weeks.

It is time for another Free Book Friday! I have an extra large edition for you today, with 21 titles!

Just click the picture of each book to be taken to the download page, and remember, you do not need a Kindle to enjoy these. There are free reading apps on Amazon for your computer, tablet, phone, or other device!  So start downloading!

 *Please note that these books are free at the .com address of Amazon at the time of this posting. Book prices may change at any time, and these books may not be free on the .UK, .CA, or other country's Amazon websites.* 

**All descriptions are taken from Amazon and not my own words** 

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A book for your head and your heart. Winner of the Prix de l'Europe 2013.

A powerful novel from one of Ireland's best writers on the turbulent birth of a nation, and the lovers it divides

Ireland 1945. Young and beautiful, Iz begins a life on the south-east coast with her new husband. As she settles in to try and make her life by the ever restless sea, circumstances that have brought Iz to the town of Monument are shrouded in mystery. However, history, like the sea cannot stay silent for long. The war in Europe is over, and change is about to brush away the old order. Soaring across the decades that follow Ireland's newly won independence, sweeping across the fierce class issues and battles over land ownership that once defined Irish society, The Sea and the Silence is an epic love story set inside the fading grandeur of the Anglo-Irish class.

The Witch World...Far away in space and time, the Witch World has become the legendary home of all who dream and wonder of unknown worlds.

LORE OF THE WITCH WORLD brings in one volume all the novelettes and tales which have not previously been collected, including the never previously published novelette, CHANGELING. 

It begins in the year 1929. DCI Thomas Rayne discovers the decomposed body of an unknown man in a Suffolk barn, a strange black symbol painted on the barn wall. A crime that Inspector Rayne never solved. A case he would go to his death calling his Curse.

More than eighty years later in 2011, guilt-ridden Gareth Davies seeks a quiet life in rural Wales. But his self-enforced solitude is soon to be violently shattered. Driving home one night in a snowstorm he knocks down and nearly kills a mysterious young woman in a country lane. 

He doesn't know it but his life will never be the same again. The woman claims to be his twin sister Erica – a sister he never knew he had, because his unknown mother abandoned him in 1976 as a baby at Cardiff Central railway station. But his new found sister brings with her a dire warning: his life is in great danger. When she disappears unexpectedly, he decides he must find her. That’s when his nightmare truly begins.

Police find false ID papers in a Manchester flat, bearing Davies’ photo; a flat in which a woman has been murdered. Moreover, the details of the gruesome murder mirror those exactly of the man found in the barn by DCI Rayne in 1929. 

Why is Davies being followed by a strange Canadian man? Why is ninety-year-old Sir David Lambert-Chide, wealthy pharmaceutical giant, desperate to find Davies’ sister too? Who is the attractive but mysterious red-haired woman who warns him he is being hunted by the deadly Doradus? And who or what exactly is Doradus?

What becomes clear is that someone wants him dead, whilst others want him very much alive. His life in the balance, he finds he’s being hunted for reasons he cannot fathom, with no one to turn to, not knowing who to trust and caught up in dark forces many hundreds of years old.

'The Woman in the Wing' is an entertaining historical mystery that takes place in a WWII defense plant in Chicago. It offers a glimpse into the lives of women who served at home during World War II, Rosie the Riveters, and sheds light on the seldom told stories of the women who ferried military planes from plants to air bases around the country—Women Airforce Service Pilots—the WASP.

Today's survivalists are more than long bearded men in the wilderness hunting wild game. Today, a survivalist is anyone looking to get off the suicidal, homicidal and genocidal path that today's toxic and tainted food pools have put us on.

Each trip you make to the grocery store to load up with more toxic bathed foods is taking you and your loved ones a step closer to an early grave.

It's incremental death by a thousand cuts... or should I say a thousand bites.

You see, our immune systems are under attack by chemicals exploding like nukes in our cells. Our bodies were not designed to fight off these manufactured assaults and as a result, the acceleration of everything bad is over running our bodies.

And since you can't change the food in the store, then change the food you eat.

Olivia’s marriage to an African-American man was unacceptable to her mother Emma, Southern-bred descendant of prominent South Carolina slaveholders. Olivia assumed that bigotry was the product of her mother’s loyalty to long-dead relatives, an allegiance to maintain the family’s white blood line. After Emma’s death though, Olivia finds a letter and an old journal among her belongings. Soon she discovers the secret that prompted Emma to irrationally blame an entire race -- a secret that had nothing to do with family history, although it strongly paralleled another tragic event from the past.

1846, Marianne Witherell’s journal: It was a time just before the American Civil War, when slavery is at its peak in the South. Marianne recalls meeting a young slave girl named Willa who suddenly arrived at Heavenly Plantation with her mother Heddie. Although Willa was destined to serve the wealthy plantation family as a house slave, Marianne and her younger brother Seth form a special bond with her, in spite of their older brother Foster’s warnings about the evils of mixing with the “darkies.” In the era of slavery though, friendships between the races have a definite shelf life as roles change and relationships are tested. 

Although Willa grows up in the plantation house with her white friends, illegally learns to read, and wears Marianne's cast off gowns, she is still a slave. Never is that fact made more clear than when Foster taunts her and chastises his younger siblings for treating her like family. Then, on her fifteenth birthday the Mistress of Heavenly declares her childhood officially over when she appoints her to be Marianne's personal servant. Willa soon discovers the severe limitations of being a slave.

As it threads through the lives of its diverse characters, this novel captures the complicated and often violent nature of life in the antebellum South. "The Secrets of Heavenly" weaves a dramatic tapestry that includes forbidden love and faithful friendships alongside dangerous obsessions, mental instability, and murder as Willa' s story is told.

Louise, a mail carrier in Kaneohe, Hawaii, searches for Conchita Santos, an elderly customer on her delivery route who has mysteriously vanished. Louise encounters a murderer, who stalks her, but she get the better of him and solves the mystery of the missing woman...and two other unsolved police cases.

Coconut oil is an all-natural remedy for a number of illnesses and ailments. It's used the world over for everything from weight loss to skin care.

The medium-chain fatty acids and other nutrients found in coconut oil are believed to deliver the following health benefits, which are all covered in this book:
Allergy relief.
Reduction of inflammation in the body, which is thought to be a contributing cause to a number of other health issues ranging from cancer to diabetes.
It enhances nutrient uptake.
Gives breast milk a healthy boost.
Fights off candida albicans (yeast) infections.
Hemorrhoid relief.
Thyroid health.
Weight loss.
Provides a quick energy boost.
Skin and hair care.
May help fight off diabetes.
May help fight off the effects of Alzheimer's disease.

All this and more is covered in this life-altering new book. 

Rosamunde is a teen witch living in Madrone, a small town in Northern California with more than its share of magical creatures. Her mother, the town’s only other witch, is overprotective and won’t teach her any of the more powerful spells. How far is her mother willing to go to keep her teenage daughter safe?

Rosa begins to feel like her mom is holding her back from more than just her spellcasting. With the help of a mischievous kitsune, the shy human daughter of a vampire, two supportive faeriekin and a mysterious man with many names, she will go on an adventure to find the extent of her mother’s influence over her entire family and the strength to stand against it. Can she survive the journey that will take her through the Veil to the Realm of Faery?

Nick Adams is just a normal guy. He loves his family, appreciates his home, and covets his car. But he absolutely hates his job. Which is what makes it so difficult that not a single customer has come by his store today. It seems as though there’s a bug going around, something that has come out of nowhere and is keeping people at home. Still, it’s probably nothing to worry about. People get sick all the time.

And besides, things are finally starting to look up. Nick’s first customer of the day has just stumbled through the door… 

It won’t be long before Nick’s entire life is turned upside down, sending him on a frantic journey through a ravaged world that will ultimately lead him 500 feet upwards to a hilltop amusement park. Is it the last safe place on Earth, or are the monsters at the top of the hill even worse than the ones below?


Twelve stories of betrayal, greed, revenge, deception, dreams, and courage.

We all struggle to find our way. What you see isn't necessarily all there is. This collection takes you into the grey area, because the world is never just black and white.

Life is all about perspective. One person's delusion is another person's dream.

Includes five bonus stories.

Set in 1971 Seattle, Pike Place tells the story of a young family whose teenage daughter goes missing. Told through the eyes of a 10-year-old girl, Pike Place takes the reader back to a simpler place and time in America. 

One of the first and foremost routes to becoming a professional photographer is through weddings!

As your friends and relatives learn that you are "INTO" photography, sooner or later one of them is going to ask you to shoot their wedding. It could be as the sole photographer or as a backup to the hired professional.

Do it right and you will be the family it wrong and at the very least you could wind up being shunned by the family. At the other end of the spectrum, you could be sued into oblivion. Even if it was a freebie!

This ebook "How To Shoot Weddings Like A Pro" is not about how to make pretty pictures - I have an entire "On Target Photo Training" course for that...

This ebook is about the precautions you have to take to keep your friends and family and avoid being sued. Plus it is about WHAT to shoot in each of the phases of the wedding - from engagement photos through the reception. It gives you a very thorough shot list so that you will NEVER miss a shot that was important!

Follow the advice in this e-book and you will stand head and shoulders above most professionals! Soon it won't just be your friends and family asking for you!

Wouldn't it be nice for your photo hobby to turn into a part time venture that can bring in $2 - $3 - or even $4,000 per month? It really isn't that hard when you know what to do...Get your copy today! You won't regret it!

If you are looking for some new mosaic patterns, this is exactly the book for you. The book "Mosaics - Designs and Patterns" contains plenty of sketches ready to copy. You can apply the same colors or choose your own Pallette and create beautiful mosaic works. 

Alongside the book there is a gift – a pdf file with all the designs, just print and create!

An affair, it was never about "romance," only lust... But lust became love, and love begot jealousy, obsession, betrayal and ultimately redemption ...maybe? And if love is a drug ...affairs are its "crack." "A Change of Needs" is the story of one man's crooked path through life that leads him to a married woman's doorstep and the "straight and narrow" path she has taken that leads her to inviting him inside. What follows is a unique, often uncomfortable modern-day psychological drama about what happens when one ordinary man accepts the invitation to cross that imaginary boundary each of us draws around our life that defines us.

At its core, "A Change of Needs" is a love story ...atypical, but a love story nonetheless. The author takes the reader on an intimate journey characterized by mind-games and manipulations, and like a lustful train wreck ...they can see it coming but can't look away or stop it. Told with a careful "Southern twang,"  it's a clever, provocative and raw examination of the relational dynamics of an affair and the mutually detrimental consequences of an intimacy and "trust" built upon lies and secrecy. There is no fidelity among the unfaithful ...affairs are messy, they never end well.

Set in Raleigh and the Triangle area of North Carolina, it's an entertaining and contemporary tale of sex, love, friendship and betrayal. Told with a distinct and endearing style that relates some of the most common experiences of love and life in a most uncommon way. By no means your garden-variety romance novel, men and women alike will enjoy this fictional cautionary tale about how "sometimes getting what you want ain't a good thing"... It's been called a "roller coaster" of emotions, so buckle up... but don't deny yourself the experience, it's refreshingly different and unique in a cookie-cutter literary world.

At the age of 18 wearing a clean pair of jeans with $25 in my pocket, I climbed aboard a German freighter leaving San Francisco on a three year journey around the world. The trip began hanging off scaffolding over the Pacific painting the ship’s hull. In the land down under, I roamed the pubs of King’s Cross by night while confronting madmen by day in Australia’s biggest insane asylum. Arriving in Europe, I began a quest to transform into a Frenchman, absorbing French culture while working the fields during wine harvest, waiting tables, clerking by night and cutting lumber by day. I crossed paths with gypsies, con artists, and drug dealers. I also found friends and lovers who showed me new ways of seeing the world.

A Prophetic Neighbor chronicles the life of Jason Claymore, a psychologically unstable, retired journalism professor, as he struggles to deal with a series of unfortunate events during one month of his life. Based on Claymore’s notebooks from that month, research, and interviews, the story begins when his neighbor, a mysterious and beautiful woman, angrily confronts him about a blog post that she claims ridicules her. This confrontation sets in motion a series of events that threatened to drive Claymore screaming into the woods with anxiety. As the pages turn, you’ll meet his often strange and sometimes mystical neighbors and friends. A Prophetic Neighbor will take you into the world of a normal man who is forced to deal with paranormal phenomena, treacherous former colleagues, secrets, twisted sex, violence, and love.

A voyage of discovery as I search for a lost American author from the early half of the past century. 

From the online newsletter of renowned author Piers Anthony....

...And one more, not a novel but a biography. The Ghost of Jack Woodford, by Keith Nichols, that I received half a year ago but didn't get around to reading until now. Jack Woodford was the literary pseudonym of Josiah Pitts Woolfolk, a popular novelist of the 1920s and 1930s who then disappeared from the literary scene almost without trace. Most listings of American writers don't mention him. How come? I see two reasons. First, he was a trashy novelist, publishing many adventures and sex novels, writing to the public taste. Some said 140 books in all, but a number can't be documented. (For comparison, I have had 130 published, with 7 in the pipeline, and I'm not yet done. I tried to Google Andre Norton's bibliography, as I understand she wrote about 150 books, but though it said it downloaded it, I am unable to find it on my system. Par for the course. Maybe a reader will tell me how many she wrote. Anyway, Woodford wrote a lot.) Critics prefer to pretend that such writers don't exist. Second, he wrote several books telling the truth about writing and publishing.... I learned that the love of Woodford's life was his daughter, Louella, on whom he doted. No, not incestuously; this was Family. She had potential, selling several novels before she was 20, with aspirations as a Hollywood actress. But then her career and his life were cut off by her insanity. She was in and out of mental hospitals, and he went broke trying to afford treatment for her. He was finally institutionalized himself, and died bankrupt and depressed. So the story of his life is a tragedy, but he was in his ornery fashion a great man. 

We have all lived through tough times when we have trouble paying the bills. After they are paid, there is nothing left over for food. What do you do then? When your household is looking to you for a meal and you don't know how to come up with anything. I have lived through those times too. 

This book, I hope, will help you. It is not a book of tips on how to save money. It is a book of recipes that I hope will help. You can substitute other ingredients if that is all. I have tried to come up with good ideas and good food. 

Learning how to make meals out of simple every day ingredients is the first step. This is the way it used to be done. I know. My grandmother did that. So did my own mother. It makes the hard times easier to get through if you can put a decent meal on your table.

I have recently updated this version and added more recipes to it. I hope you find it useful and use it when you have to cut back. The first place most people cut back is on their grocery budget. I hope that this book will help you through that struggle.

This summer, Raising Quirk's mission is to keep your kids from ever having to say "I'm bored." So we've rounded up our favorite crafts, recipes, games, and activities from Quirk Books titles and jam-packed them into our funnest, awesomest, and kid-friendliest e-sampler yet. Whether you're taking your family on the road or stuck indoors on a rainy day, we've got you covered. Projects include: COOKING: How to Teach a Kid to Cook Robot Bites Banana Split Pops Little-Bitty Fudge Puppies CRAFTING: Bottle-Cap Frames Starburst Straws Turtle Magnet Get Your Kid to Clean Up OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: Get Your Kid to Put On Sunscreen Plan a Scavenger Hunt Yakima! Choreograph a Fight Scene Nick and Tesla's Low-Tech (Practically No-Tech) Bottle Rocket and Launcher RAINY DAY ANTICS: Get Your Kid to Play Alone FutaleufĂș Mattress Rafting Put on a Comedy Show Learn a Magic Trick FUN ON THE GO: How to Keep a Family Happy During Car Trips Make Trail Mix and Hit the Trails! How to Build a Sand Castle Games to Play in the Car Children don't come with an owner's manual, so Raising Quirk brings together advice, activities, entertainment, and, most important, other parents who still feel kinda like kids themselves. Our motto: We help cool parents raise cool kids. After all, parenting is a lifelong adventure, and we're all in it together. Consider us your virtual playgroup and join us at Raising Quirk online.

Are you considering raising backyard chickens?

If you are, then this is the book you've been looking for. This valuable guide covers everything you need to know to get started raising a flock of chickens in your backyard. Raising chickens is easy, but it's all too easy to make costly mistakes when you're first getting started. This book takes most of the guesswork out of raising backyard chickens. 

The following topics are covered in this helpful book:
Why you should be raising backyard chickens.
The big differences between commercial eggs and the fresh eggs you get from backyard chickens.
The handful of supplies you need to get started.
Designing a coop.
Feeding and watering your chickens. Includes tutorials on how to build an inexpensive waterer and feeder.
The various types of bedding.
The deep litter system of bedding.
Free-range chickens.
Breed selection for laying and meat birds.
Feeding your chickens.
What diatomaceous earth is and how it can benefit you.
Predator control.
Brooding chicks. How to hatch chicks and raise them to adulthood.
Chicken laws and ordinances.

There you have it! A little bit of something for everyone! I hope you all found something to read today! 

Have a great weekend!

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