Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lunch with Dad

I was in a deep sleep when I was awoken by the shrill ringing of the telephone....

*Groggily* "

Dad bellowing: "ARE YOU AWAKE??"

Me, holding phone a foot away from my ear: " I am now..."

Insert almost 2 minutes of him trying to talk and his cell phone fading in and out. Finally I hang up..and wait. A few seconds later the phone rings and I can actually hear him now, bitching about cell phone reception...INSIDE HIS HOUSE. He has four....FOUR phones in his house, and can't hear out of any of them, hearing aids or not lol. But I digress...

"Mike and I are going to get Chinese, and I was calling to see if you and Alex wanted to go.."

Me: "Sure, let me get us dressed and I will be over."

Dad: "Ok, see you in a few.."

So I get us ready and head over to Dads, and we head out to The Ming Tree and get a divine lunch. Well after we left there, he drove to Wal-Mart and proceeded to drop 100 bucks on Alex's school clothes and two pairs of tennis shoes...I was amazed!

Her outfits are adorable, and mix and match stuff...and her little shoes are adorable. I also picked up the stuff that my Dad's friend and his wife got Alex for her to start school with, which was all kinds of things, even stuff for the classroom, so the teacher will be very happy when she does start, because she will not need supplies for a little while lol.

After we got back to his place, I helped Mike and Dad shell black eyed peas from his garden for a couple of hours. After Mom breezed in from work to whisk Mike off for an eye exam, I showed her what Dad bought and she seemed really pleased.

It was a wonderful day, and now I do not have to worry about her looking like an orphan when she starts school lol.

Now, again, let us hope a couple of people moved or decided to go to different schools over the summer.

Open house is the 11th, and I am taking Alex, and Mom might go with me, I hope...

So that is what I did with my day. It was a nice visit and I had a good time. it is always nice to visit with the family on good terms.....

Now, time to clean the kitchen...*groans*


*Music of the Moment: Cry me a River by Justin Timberlake*
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The Computer Connoisseur said...

I'm glad it was a good day, I'm hoping and praying Alex will get to go.

Your parents are excited too, I think, and I bet they will want to be there on the first day, to see her off.

Thanks for sharing, it sounds like it's all coming together, great things are to come!