Monday, December 14, 2009

10 things that annoy the crap out of me

It is that time again folks. A top 10 list that gives you a little more insight into me, and todays edition is brought to you by the number 1, the letter D, and my  jerk of an ex husband. Enjoy.

1.) Michelle Duggar. I think it is nuts for you to contribute to global over population because you think you need to serve some sort of penance for your miscarriage while on birth control pills. Your kids need their mother, not a conveyor belt family, older taking care of younger.  Chances are if you keep up with this ridiculous life, you will die from childbirth or pregnancy complications. Now your older kids are following in your radical child bearing footsteps. I guess the tax payers will have to pay for your 9000 grandkids as well as your other kids as well. Your not Adam and Eve...we do not need you to go forth and populate the Earth. Go adopt some starving kids here in America if you feel the need to have that many kids.

2.) The Christian woman in pogo the other night, who took it upon herself to curse and scream and berate a FELLOW CHRISTIAN for saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. People like you are what give your religion such a  bad hypocritical rap.

3.) Bloggers who do not give their posts titles. It is irritating, and it takes, what, 5 seconds to type ANYTHING in the title bar??

4.) Asshole ex husbands who need their heads examined. 13 years later you want to start shit with me? Your not smart enough to match wits with me buddy...go have another beer and think about it for awhile. The BEST thing that happened to our daughter was the day you signed your rights away. Crawl back into the hole you slithered out from.

5.) Martyrs and people who refuse to listen to common sense. If it makes you happy to be miserable and stagnant, great. Try not to drag the rest of us down while your at it ok?

6.) Captchas. Enough said.

7.) The fact that people never seem to want to talk to you until you are in the middle of something else you need to be focused on. People who I have not talked to in 6 months or longer suddenly come out of the woodwork when I start on a project lol.

8.) ENDLESS RAIN! It has been the most wet Fall season I can remember. I have not seen the sun in so long I have forgotten what a nice sunny day looks like. I feel like I live in Gotham City, where is is always dark and usually rainy.

9.) When the TV signal decides to go out right at an important part of the movie or show and you miss a pivotal part of the plot.

10.) Here as of late...going grocery shopping, WITH the list...getting home and realizing you forgot to add a major ingredient to the list, therefore screwing up a meal.

So there was my' I need to vent Top 10" lol... I am sure you can figure out what inspired this post ;)

Hope you are all having a DRY, SUNNY, and great week!!!


She Who Works Her Will said...

OMG! You almost made me snort wine out my nose just reading, when I got to the pissed off little dog face, I lost it!

I love it! You're an inspiration!

Hibiscus Moon said...

Woohoo! Rant it out. Luv the puppy!

Anonymous said...

OMG Bellz this is classic I love it.You are so inspiring thank you

Magaly Guerrero said...

I was all pissed and serious about the post, then I saw the picture of the Angry Pup and couldn't stop laughing--sorry, I know this is serious business.

I didn't see the Christian woman in the news, I was in my writing cocoon, the entire weekend. Are you serious? She actually got upset because someone said happy holidays? That makes no sense, just like the lady having all the children, but there isn't much we can do about that either.

Hope the weather gets better soon, it has been crappy here too.

Unknown said...

Tracy, be careful, snorting wine through the nose hurts, I have done it LOL..

Hibiscus and Rachel thanks!

Mags, the Christian bitchy woman did not make national news, it was in a game forum I was in the other night...I was witness to it and about 80 people ended up involved on one side of a battle line or the was nasty.

The doggie was supposed to break up the solemn tone a bit..and it made me feel better and made me I thought it made a good mood shifter ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww that puppy pic is adorable. And for the rest of the blog, I luv it!

Nothing like a good bitch list to make you feel all clean inside.

you go girl.

Morgaine Pendragon said...

Omg Bella too too funny. And the puppy is the best! As to the christian woman getting all pissy, as my ex sister-in-law would say "as christians you should say merry christmas because then you aren't giving into the secular nature of this world." She has some other lame ass shit she spews but I can't remember it. I have to agree with you on Mrs. Duggar too, I mean come on...19? She's 42 and been pregnant like 1/4 of her life or something. How much more can her body take? And her doc should be slapped for not saying something as well.

Ryan Sutton said...

Great list Bella! I have bigtime troubles with the grocery shopping vs the missing ingredients capers, and sorry for that time I got your attention in the middle of a project. ;)

Lyon said...

You go girl, get it all out.

Love your rant, love the puppy face. You have to wonder if he isn't thinking about pooping on the floor for good measure he looks so perturbed. lol

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, it's not only me who is really put off by Michelle Duggar. I know people who thinks she's just fabulous, and I think she's a freaking attention......well you know.

Rant away!

Anonymous said...

I love your post. I bet it made you feel ten times better. And loved the pic of your puppy dog.

Mother Moon said...

I love it.. I love it... you have to feel so totally cleansed now getting that off your chest... and the pup at the end.... don't mess with me buddy... thanks for bringing a good laugh to me this morning... although some of those items are far too true....

Magaly Guerrero said...

I just read your reply to me, I don't feel so left out lol. I guess, I'm just ready for anything. After watching/reading about that woman from Redding, CA and her "peace" message, I'm ready to believe anything!

Nadette said...

lol more power to you, I think this is the time of year when at least my family starts bitching about everything and I don't understand people who can't face that there are other holidays this month of then xmas, and the tv signal going out always freaking sucks.

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT stand Michelle Duggar either and I feel so bad for that poor baby that is under 2 lbs. because of her idiocity. I feel bad for her daughters because the only option in life they have been given is to follow in their pathetic mother's footsteps. It's a train wreck these "Quiverfull" fuck ups.

Bridgett said...

I completely agree about Michelle Duggar. I'm surprised her uterus hasn't ruptured already, honestly. That is one well worn organ. Geesh!

As for the whole 'call it Christmas' thing...I actually found a Christian woman last night who was so rational about this! She said (along the lines of), "Don't forget the Christ in Christmas...but also remember there are other celebrations this time of year which aren't about Christ's birth." And then she wished blessings to all.

If only ALL Christians could be so non-judgemental and accepting.

No blog titles? ANNOYING!

Captchas? MY LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT BLOGGER. Hate those little feckers.


Love ya, Bella!