Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ten Things Thursday: 10 Things That Annoy Me

This list will be short and to the point. I am dragging today, and easily irritated so naturally the list is about things that annoy me lol.

1. Government agencies taking their sweet time to do ANYTHING.

Seriously, people depend and rely on you for services, sometimes you are all that keeps them alive. Making them wait is a terrible and heartless thing to do.

2. Companies that outsource their help desks.

When I call your company, needing help, probably freaking out over whatever it is that is wrong, the last thing I want to deal with it someone who speaks poor English, reads from a script and refuses to deviate from it, and transfer you from person to person, never solving the problem until I hang up in frustration.

3. The nurse at Jack's Doctor's office.

She should actually be in the number one spot. She is terrible. I have never met a more uncaring and heartless woman in my entire life. When all this is over, we WILL be reporting her to every board we can.

4. People who cause trouble for no reason other than personal pleasure.

This one is self-explanatory. People who lie and stir up shit are assholes. 'Nuff said.

5. Alex's crackhead extreme energy bursts and incessant talking.

I thought that she would calm down when school started, since she would be doing more and getting up so much earlier, but she seems to be even MORE jacked up when she comes home now. Her energy level could power a small country for a year, and her non-stop chattering is driving me BONKERS. I love the kid, but if it were not considered child abuse or something, I would duct tape her mouth shut for a few hours every afternoon. I am only partially kidding.

6. Rain. Effing RAIN!

As I have moaned about before, it has been a rainy Summer. Every day, most of the day, torrential downpours. We have had so many trees hit by lightning in our backyard, and that is what fried our phone and power lines. ( Turns out that phone guy was not responsible for my ground wire giving out. That is the one thing he did NOT fuck up that day. ) Then here came Tropical Storm Issac. I went into panic mode. Normally the storms do not even phase me, but I live in a mandatory evac spot, very close to an already overflowing river ( due to all the rain ) and the ocean. All I could think of was we would be flooded, as the ground is SO saturated from all the rain, there was no way we would handle 6 to 9 feet of storm surge, and 12 to 20 inches of rain that they were predicting. I was in a fine state of anxiety. Luckily we dodged a bullet and we got some wind and less rain than we do on a normal day this Summer, so my concerns were unfounded. However, now that it passed us by, it went RIGHT BACK to raining 75% of the day every day. They even predict we will get snow here this Winter, because it will be very cold and very wet. North Florida, people. Tallahassee. Capital. Hot Summers, balmy Winter's. SNOW!? *Shakes head*

*Prayers, healing, and love going out to all the people who HAVE been messed up by Issac.*

7. Getting up so early in the mornings.

It did not take me long to adjust to the school schedule again, but the last week has been exhausting for some reason. I am ready to go to bed at 7 at night if I could, and I have been waking around 5 every morning, even though I do not have to get up till 6. I do not know wtf is going on, but I am constantly dragging and it sucks. I am so looking forward to the long weekend so I can SLEEP IN! Alex has turned into a bear in the mornings as well. Last year she jumped out of bed, ready to greet the day, and now I all but have to drag her by the foot out of the bed. As I am not a morning person, this makes morning time a little more torturous.

8. Washing Dishes.

I would cook 5 course meals every single night if I never had to wash another dish again. It is my least favorite chore. Even though it usually does not take me long ( unless Jack cooks, then I might as well pull up a stool and get comfy ) it is just the ONE household chore I can not accept. I like cleaning most things, it is therapeutic for me..but dishes? I rather eat off throw away plates and plastic forks. (Yeah yeah, I know, terrible for the environment. Which is the only reason I do NOT eat off throw away plates and plastic forks. Your welcome, Mother Nature. )

9. Fleas.

Here in North Florida, in the rural areas, where I live, we have a flea epidemic this year. (Is that the right term? Epidemic? No? Okay, we have a metric shit ton of fleas. Infestation? It that a better word? Whatever.) Not just us, but everywhere up here. The messed up part is, only the INSIDE dog is eaten up with them, no matter what we do. We even went the professional route, to no avail. We have that DE earth, which works, but I DESPISE my house being covered in white dust. It gets all over EVERYTHING and I get all twitchy inside and really pissy. The outside dog, Harley? Not a damn flea on her.  Soccer, the inside dog? He is supposed to be white and black but he is mostly black. Not to mention I am COVERED in flea bites on my feet and lower legs. Only me. Not Jack, not Alex, they have no issues what so ever. Me? I look like I have chicken pox on my feet. Bastards.

10. Stress Migraines.

I have been plagued with them this Summer. All the atmospheric pressure from the rain and storms, the loss of power for days, the extended family issues, the 400 light bill we can't pay due to the power surges driving our bill up, rent, not having enough to eat for all of us on most days, being totally broke...and a thousand little things have raised my blood pressure and will spark a migraine at the drop of a hat. I am not the type to get "just a headache," I would LOVE to have one of those back of the brain, " Ow this is annoying but I can deal with it" type deals, but alas, I get the "OMFG MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE OUT OF MY EYEBALLS!!" type migraines. I lose my vision at times, they get so bad. They suck. Balls.

So there is my ranty Ten Things post for today. Just had to get that stuff out of my system, and I already feel better. Thanks for reading my bitching. I am going to drag my ass in the kitchen and feed us, do the dishes, then hold this chair down until I can finally slip off to bed. Have a great night folks, and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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wonderful post !!!I especially LOVE number 4 !!!!!