Thursday, January 10, 2013


Just a quick post today.I have a thick brain fog today, and honestly all I want to do is take a 12 hour nap.

Until last night, I slept 6 hours in three days. I am calling it a slight case of insomnia, as I do not know what else I could call it. ( It started the night before that coffee binge, by the way, so that was a by-product, not a cause lol )

I had two nights in a row of less than three hours of sleep, and getting up before 3 AM. Last night I took two melatonin  and went to bed at 7:30 PM. I slept...albeit not deeply, until 6:30 this morning. I got up a few times but the meds made me groggy enough to be able to go back to sleep.

I am still dragging today, from residual tiredness and brain fog, so I am just chilling out today, not doing much of anything, except yawning a lot.

I do have some potential good news. I think I was approved for medicaid today, starting next month. If that is true, then my life as far as healthcare goes will change drastically, as I will finally be able to go to the doctor for my myriad of health issues, and have the tests I need done so I can get help finding out what is wrong and how to fix it. I also heard back from the MJF foundation, and it seems that they are going to help me as well, so that  is great news.

Jack has to have another MRI, as he is having some serious pain a little higher up on his back. Still related to his work injury. Also, the PT people stopped his appointments, as he is not improving even after 8 weeks. So back to the drawing board for he and his doctor. You know, it is really terrible that a man who wants nothing more to go back to work can not do so, and there are so many people out there riding that clock out so they do not have to work. It just does not seem right.

We did finally get to go to the grocery store yesterday, and scored a bunch of stuff in a sweet sale at one of our local grocers. Few things make me happier than having a fully stocked kitchen. Except my net being paid. One down, one to go *Grins*

This weekend I intend to clean the house, and next week I will be starting on Alex's room. It is time to weed out her toys and clothes to donate, and do a little rearranging. Then it will be time to paint, and I am excited about it. It will be a drastic change, and I will take before and after pics if I can remember to get batteries for my camera! I need to invest in some good rechargeable ones, since I already have a charger for them ;)

However, today I  rest. So there.

What are  your plans for the weekend?


Stephanie said...

Well you get plenty of rest. Not much going on this weekend. Just relaxing and taking the girls to the park maybe cause we are suppose to have some really warm weather. Like 75 warm. I also have to finish up this weeks class and get ready for my new class next week.

Faery Chaos said...

Rest and lots of fluids!! That really sucks about the insomnia, I've had though where something throws off me and my schedule, hate that!!

Great needs about the health insurance too, I know that will really help you get things settled :)

Weekend, laundry as always. Otherwise, not sure yet - we're still trying to figure out what to do since the weather will be so nice!! Personally, I just want to soak up the sunshine while reading :)

TantraWave said...

I had to look up the word 'sleep' and now I remember what it means. Yes, it's a good thing, get plenty of it!! Good to hear about the potential benefits kicking in. Hope you're all staying warm!

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that Jack is still having so many issues. Poor guy, I really hope he gets better soon. My own husband has had two back surgeries due to an on the job injury, so he could certainly relate to that. He still has many, many problems.

As for insomnia, I hear you. My hormones are so jacked up of late that even Melatonin doesn't do anything for me.

Watching reality tv does though.:)