Monday, January 11, 2010

A Little Bit Of Randomness...

Howdy folks. I just wanted to jump in here and say that my new daily posts are going ahead as planned! That is, as long as the demons that possessed my computer yesterday are fully exercised lol. The phone lines were being worked on and then my internet connection software went all haywire. Hooray for Friday when Mercury goes direct!

Anyways, the new implements on the blog are going as planned. I need to find some time to do some graphic work for each day but that is part of the fun. A couple of the days...ok...most of them...require some research on my part in order to post them, so I am pretty excited about it. It does mean, however, some of my posts will likely come late and night or really early in the morning before I crash for my "night." That is when I have to most peace and quiet to think and research and write.

One of the things I have long noticed, but did not really care about, was that I spend tons of time waiting for things to load, especially graphic heavy pages or games. I have dial up and it sometimes takes upwards of an hour to play a simple game. Now I love to read, but I have long  since faced the fact that I am an internet addict, and if I can be online, I will be. But when I load these games, since it is counter productive to load anything else, since it slows down the download time of my game or whatnot, I have decided to use those loading times to read, or go do something productive. That way I still get my net fix, but still do other things I like or need to do as well. This probably sounds like a small thing to most people, but to a chronic procrastinator, this is a great plan lol.

So I think that sums it up for this post. I hope you enjoy the new daily posts as they happen, and feedback is always appreciated!

Have a great week everyone!


Unknown said...

Awesome! Looking forward to your daily posts!

Lyon said...

Agreed with Jupiter, I'm looking forward to seeing your daily offerings. Always good to see a post from you!

Ryan Sutton said...

Moar Bella posts? *hops!*

I really hear you about computers bogging down and locking and taking forever to load webpages and games. It seems my poor laptop just can't handle the internet some days. =(

Bridgett said...

I don't even have dial up, and some of this stuff takes forever to load for me too, so I empathize.

Big hugs!