Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Girls and pink bras.

I missed a day..or was it two? I know, I know, but it has been bat shit crazy here since Thursday. Alex's 7th birthday was Saturday and there has been a lot of preparation going on for that. Normally my Mom handles birthday festivities, as much of a cop out that is, but this year she is having a few health problems that prevented her from making one of her awesome birthday cakes and other things she usually does. I SUCK at party planning, especially birthday parties. Perth and I ran all over town Thursday and Friday, running errands and shopping for gifts and party supplies, ordering the cake, and so on and so forth. I ran into my sister at Wal-Mart Friday and invited her, not expecting her to show as we are not close, but to my surprise and happiness she did.

I did not invite Alex's class to her party, as most moms might do ( Is that a normal thing? Seriously, I suck at this..) but since my house is the size of a postage stamp we always have parties at Mom's and I did not want to drag 15 screaming 6 and 7 year old kids into her house lol. Not to mention other people's kids usually irritate the crap out of me but I digress. 

Saturday, the day of the party, we got up and got ready to go. Here is a pic of the birthday girl:

Then we headed to the store to pick up the cake. Yes, I suck at baking unless it is bread and my cake decorating skills are less than stellar.

The cake slid in the box and messed up the front left corner but it was still cute and tasted great.

Mom made Alex's favorite meal, potato soup and grilled ham and cheese and grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Never tried a grilled PB&J? Try it. It's awesome.

Next it was time to light the candles and sing Happy Birthday. Alex always acts weird when we sing to her.

The guy in the wolf shirt is Perth, and the guy in the background is my oldest daughters boyfriend Carl.

Cake all lit up:

The dude in the background is Jack lol...

After cake it was time for presents!

That is my Dad on the left and my eldest daughter wearing Jack's hat on the right.

That is Perth and my Mom in the pic above.

Pic above is my son Mike...

I took like 100 pics but I am not going to make you load all of them so here are a few more.

Perth again in the pic above...

I love that pic above of my son...

Alex, Mariah and her boyfriend Carl in the pic above...

Perth and Alex above...

My fluffy self from behind and my Mom cutting the cake above...yes my hair is red and black, I dyed my hair with Perth's leftover black on the bottom lol...

My great niece Brooklyn in the above pic. Not only did my sister show up bringing her two granddaughters, ( my great nieces ) her son Tyler, my youngest nephew, came and brought his wife and their son, my great nephew, Tristan. Alex was so happy!

Tristan above, with Brooklyn...

Sarah, Tristan's Mama on the left, Tristan in the doorway and Jade, my step-niece, on the right, playing catch with a balloon..

That sums up the pics for this post, I might post more in a later post.

 It was a really fun day. Alex really enjoyed playing with her little cousins and I was really happy my sister and nephew showed up. Food was great, Alex got a lot of great gifts, and she got to spend the night with her siblings and her Grandma and Papa. I served everyone everything and helped clean up, it was so nice to be at my parent's house and not be in a wheelchair or on crutches! I loved my daughter's boyfriend, it was the first time I got to meet him in person. He was so sweet and respectful and a lot of fun!

I was really nervous since this was the first time I took care of 95% of the party details, and it went off without a hitch and a lot of fun was had. It was a busy weekend!

Now on to the pink bra part of the post lol. I am so excited because next Sunday, the 23rd, Jack, Perth, hopefully my two older kids, Alex, and myself are going to be participating in a 5k walk for breast cancer. I have wanted to do this for ever, and this year the cab company that Jack is a mechanic for is a sponsoring team, so we are all going to walk with the boss Jack likes and is friends with and some of this co-workers, and Jack even gets to be in the parade. The cab company is running a special cab for the month of October, which is a pink cab with the breast cancer logo on it, really cute. Our team is called Breast Friendz and I am so excited to do this I can hardly stand it. You can go here and check out our team page and see the car, and if you wanted to donate a bit towards this great cause, it would be most appreciated. Check out the Breast Friendz Page!

So that sums up where I have been for the last couple of days and why I have been scarce. Lots of fun going on these days, and I am loving it!

Hope you all have a great week!


Luna Raven said...

Love the share and how totally fun! I would love to ask you one tiny favor though? Maybe you could can it with all this "I suck" business. Cause you so totally don't!

PS my word veri is counmani. A new type of manicure perhaps? haha!

Perthro Pathfinder said...

It really was a great party, Alex had a lot of fun, as did all the grownups too lol. You're better at party planning than you think!