Saturday, January 23, 2010

I got my hair done!

Hiya guys and gals! Happy Friday! Hooray it's the weekend!

Today did not go QUITE as planned, Jack was supposed t get his W-2 filed today, even had an appointment, but when he got there, they were backed up over 3 hours so he said screw that and made an appt for noon tomorrow. He still had his usual paycheck so we used it tonight instead. We went to get some Mexican for dinner, which was awesome, and then we hit the store, and I ended up getting my hair cut, layered, and straightened, and I just love it! The pics I took are not great, but if you are a regular, you have seen my waist length mess of curls self, so you will hopefully see the difference! It is so much lighter and feels so much better!

I am going to share three pics!

If you look closely you can see my scar from my wreck I wrote about in the one below!

I also call that one above my "Yeah, Whatever" face lol...

And here is a slightly brighter one....

So now my hair is a lot shorter, a lot straighter ( until I wash it lol ) and it looks and feels awesome!

After that we went and bought a couple of odds and ends, I got some Hemp Lotion ( AWESOME stuff and my favorite, but pricey so I do not buy it often, I got a HUGE bottle ) and some caramel flavored rice cakes, because I love them, a Xbox game for my eldest daughters birthday present, and a movie for Alex. I also bought a hair product at the salon for my unruly tresses. It is called " It's a 10"  and it does 10 miracle cures for hair, and let me tell you, it works!

After that we headed home, and gods my living room is a wreck lol...stuff all over the place and I hate that, so here in a few I am going to clean it all up so I wont have to deal with it tomorrow, as I am going over to my moms for cake and ice cream for my daughters birthday, and then we are town bound to do some more shopping and pay some bills.

Next weekend is VACATION TIME BABY!!! With or without Alex, I will be in a elegant hotel suite with a balcony that reaches over the Bay, real down comforters, the best seafood restaurant in this part of Florida, all caught fresh daily, and I get to watch the sun rise and set over the water...I am SO freaking stoked!

I might get my nails done tomorrow as well, I am in need of some girly pampering! Maybe get me some new duds too...its been over a year since I got new clothes!

SO today was great, and hopefully the rest of the weekend will be even more awesome!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Lyon said...

Oooh you look faaaaabulous daahling! hehe very nice. =)

I can feel the waves of excited from way over here, Bella. I really hope you have a great weekend! And happy birthday to your daughter as well.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! I have VERY long and curly red hair also and when I had it blown out once, everyone got upset (including me). They all said that my hair maid me "me" and I was just "not the same" with the sleek new look. How do you feel about it, curls or straight?

She Who Works Her Will said...

It's beautiful! Love, love, love the color!!!

Kiki's Cauldron said...

You look lovely! And enjoy the holiday! Many blessings, Kiki

Anonymous said...

Cute cute!

Mother Moon said...

love the hair... enjoy next weekend I can imagine you are counting the days...

Bridgett said...

Bella...your hair looks beautiful!!!

And wow...what a fantastic getaway you have planned next weekend. Lucky girl, you. :)

It's so nice just to get away sometimes.


Rowan LeBoutillier said...

Wow!! Your hair looks the bomb!!! Hemp oil is so good for your hair (& skin, nails, etc) I'm a hairstylist & I love It's a 10, they make really good products for unruly hair. I'm the opposite, I have straight hair & want curls.

Your day sounded like fun. Blessings, Bella