Thursday, August 04, 2011

Checking In...

Hello my lovelies.

Yes, I KNOW I have missed a few blog posts, but things have been hectic around here, and at night when things finally calm down I am just to brain dead to scare up a post. Nothing wrong, nothing major, just a ton of little things that add up to a hectic and busy day.

Phone calls, visitors, being zapped from the heat, dog gastrointestinal issues....on top of the everyday house cleaning and cooking and laundry. My brain is just fried.

School starts on the 18th and I need to start getting our sleeping schedules turned back around, but it seems no matter how early I get to bed, we still sleep till 11 or so in the morning! Of course "early" is midnight, and during school days I go to bed at 9 or 10, depending on if the few shows I watch on TV are in season or not. I am going to let it be through the weekend, and start in earnest Monday.

I did get Alex's walls painted somewhat. She picked out a few cookie cutters and I gathered the paint colors and one night we got in there and just goofed off, painting the shapes and I did some freehand spirals and wavy lines. She did a lot of it herself, and painted hair on some bears and what not. I was not going for some strict professional look, it is her room and I gave her free reign over it and she loves it. Here are a couple of pics:

She actually likes to play and sleep in there now, so we did a good thing I suppose!

I still need to work on my room and get it cleared out so I can put my gorgeous sapphire blue paint on the walls, but I am seriously thinking of holding off on the painting in there until Alex returns to school and I do not have to worry about her spilling very dark blue paint all over anything. She wants to "help" with everything and there are just some things I rather her not even be around. Working with dark paint in my room is one of those things for sure.

Jack is currently making a headboard for our bed. He engraved a couple of hearts on it, one on each of our sides, and once he sands it we are going to wood burn a design and our "nicknames" on it and then stain it. I used to go by Dark Angel ( Angel being my nickname for Angela since birth ) and he is Nightwolf. He wants to put Dark Angel but I can not decide if I want that or Bella. Probably Dark Angel, it may be cheesy but it fits lol. I downloaded some kick ass Celtic fonts and I am going to blow them up and make a stencil out of them, so the letters will be Celtic looking, and we are thinking maybe a Celtic cross for the center, but that is undecided as of right now. Maybe a Love Knot or something.

On top of that, my eldest daughter has shingles, on her face of all places. She is in pain and her eye is swollen almost shut, and as it is only a couple of weeks before she starts High School, you can imagine the snit her 14 year old self is in over all of this. She is on antibiotics and a pain medicine, and she went to the eye doctor yesterday to make sure it had not gotten IN her eye. Thankfully it had not, but it has to be watched very carefully. The redness goes from her eye and follows the nerve all the way around to the back of her head. I feel so bad for her and wish there was more I could do.

My Dad has not bounced back from his episode in the hospital the other week either. He came home after they finally did a heart cath after stabilizing his potassium levels, and two days later he was screaming in pain because the entry point for the cath in his groin was agonizing, which is not normal for him. He went back to the ER and they gave him meds, he had pulled the muscle or something right there at the entry point, and his groin area is black and blue, according to him. Then on top of that, his gout flared up, making him unable to walk much.

Needless to say my poor Mom is exhausted and running herself ragged which is very bad for her own health. I expect her to crash soon to be honest, and it sucks because there is not much we can do about it. A lot of the things that have to be taken care of, only she can deal with it. I can not even offer to drive them to appointments as I still have not been able to afford to get my drivers license renewed. Sucks too because of all those flaming hoops I had to jump through just to get the damn paperwork to prove who I was so I can get the damn thing.

I have been doing a lot of research into dehydration, as I am realizing a LOT of my physical problems and my mood problems are coming from lack of fluid. I never realized just how much havoc being dehydrated can cause for a person. It also explains my wonky moon times. Jack figured out why I bled like a stuck pig this last time. I am chronically dehydrated, and the day I started we were at the lake and I spent 6 hours in the water. The skin absorbs water, so since I started that night and bled so heavy, but for a normal amount of time, his hypothesis is that being in the water all that time allowed me to NOT be dehydrated for a change, so things flowed as they were supposed to. It just seemed extra heavy to me because I am used to 11 to 21 days of spitting and sputtering so to speak, because there was not enough fluid in me to let things come out as they should. Makes perfect sense if you think about it. SO I have been making an effort to be much more mindful of my fluid intake. I notice the difference big time if I drink less on any given day than I am supposed to.

I think that sums it up for now, that is the lowdown on what has been happening for the last week. This heat is sapping the life out of everything. The heat index for my area was 128 two days ago, according to the weather channel website. A hundred and twenty-eight freaking degrees. The real temp has been between 99 and 105 with a 100% humidity level, so it has just been flat out miserable around these parts. You have to lean forward to walk around outside, the heat is so oppressive it feels like it is pushing against you!

I hope that you are all staying cool as possible, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Tamara said...

Hey there, great to see you :) Oh my gosh shingles are so painful! My mom had them and was in alot of pain...i didn't realize someone so young as your daughter could get them. Dehydration does some really crazy things to our bodies...i'm dehydrated alot and have all kinds of things going on. Something as simple as drinking a bottle a water makes such a huge difference for me...i literally have to force myself because I can't stand the taste of water. lol Weird huh?? Stay cool! :)

Luna Raven said...

Love the bedroom, it's so fun I can see why Alex wants to hang out in there!

For the hydration issue, I have a very similar problem so I have made a point of incorporating hydrating foods into my diet with a daily reminder alarm. Some people are just seriously unable to absorb with just water. Fruit helps a lot though!