Friday, August 05, 2011

Strange days

It really has been such an odd week.

I had to put my foot down to Vix and her crew about using my house phone as their phone. Well, mostly her kids using it to call them when they decide to stay out till all hours of the night. If it is an emergency, that is one thing, but when you are knocking on my door at 11 at night just to call and see when they ( their parents ) might be coming home, I have a problem with that. Especially when it was almost every single night. The dog would freak and bark, which would wake Jack up, which means he was pissy with me at being woke up. Yeah, that had to stop.

Tonight was fun too, they decided to come to MY house while they were fighting, bringing drama to my very carefully tended drama free zone. I told them to take that shit right back across the fence. I love Vix, but they have issues that bother me, especially when it drags me into the middle of their mess. No thanks.

I still have that feeling of running around like a chicken with my tail feathers on fire. The messed up part is I am running ragged yet it seems NOTHING is being accomplished. Thank goodness for Jack, once again. He got to come home early today due to the 132 degree temp in their shop, and he decided to clean out all the cabinets I can not easily reach. Those being the ones over the fridge and over the washer and dryer. He even moved the shelving in one of the washer cabinets so I can finally put my washing soap, softener and stain treatment bottles in there out of the way instead of sitting on top of the dryer, looking all cluttered.

In the cabinet over the fridge he found a wealth of old cooking magazines I forgot I even had, so over the weekend I will be cutting the stuff out I want to keep and file them away in my recipe box.

We threw a lot of stuff away that had been in those cabinets for YEARS. Felt good to finally toss that stuff.

I am hoping I can get him to help me in our room this weekend. I am not going to paint it until Alex goes back to school in just under two weeks, but I want to go ahead and get the bookshelf and bed moved and I need his help to do it. Not to mention weed through all the clothes I have to part with and realize I am never going to fit in them again or if I do they will be so far out of style there is no reason to hang on to them. Same for Alex's clothes, but hers is a matter of getting rid of the stuff that no longer fits. We only have a few days to get her some school clothes and I am nervous, as we are totally strapped for money and can not really afford to get her anything. We do at least have all the supplies she needs for the classroom.

I know I have been talking a lot about projects we are working on for the house, and it probably seems that we are blowing money. I assure you we are not. All the wood he is using to make stuff is salvaged. Did not cost us a dime. I spent 12 dollars on the gallon of paint for my room, and 4 dollars total for the two small cans of paint I used in Alex's room. We re-purpose a lot of stuff, so other than the floor tile ( 10 bucks a box ) and the paint, everything else has been free. Him being a mechanic he has all the tools we could ever need, and as his dad was a wonderful carpenter ( as a hobby, not by profession ) he learned a lot from his dad, so he is making things instead of us having to buy them.

I don't know, things are just...odd. Not bad, just strange feeling.

Maybe because there is a sense of anticipation, with school starting again soon, Vix and her crew deciding after 2 months of me feeling in limbo not to move to the place they were looking at, and several household projects in the works.

Not to mention we are both getting tired of clutter and such. We have purged just about all we can, now it is a matter of finding a place for it to live neatly. It gives me such a burst of energy when he helps me. Makes me feel motivated when he joins in and helps me. I like the feeling of us working on things together.

I guess that is all for tonight. Tomorrow is Friday..( okay since it is after midnight it already is Friday lol ) and I do not have to cook and I get two whole days of Jack being home and doing stuff with me yay!

Have a great weekend guys and gals!

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